Thursday, August 25, 2022

Alert: '2020 Loser' Donald Trump Pushing Authoritarians In 2022 Races


  1. I just can't believe that that liberal leftists are making the exact same mistake they made in 2016 leading up to the Presidebtial election then.

    They are over-focusing on Donald Trump.

  2. so that is why he got a second term!

  3. Not quite. But because of the constant drumbeat, his claim of a stolen election reverberated with many. This set up his current third run for President.

    There are apparently people who have thoughts that they find disturbing but which they feel powerless to control. Some of these people say that they "hear voices" and/or that they "have hullucinations."

    Naturally, these people seek ways to stop the disturbing thoughts and other experiences that are affecting their lives.

    That's kind of why perhaps Donald Trump has such widespread support. The left is the political equivalent of voices and hallucinations to the electoral body, and Trump is the way to escape the disturbing and overwhelming waves of mental and emotional internal noise.

    This blog has pointed out that Donald Trump has made many statements that are not truthful. But at least his lies are acceptable to some in his constituency.

    Meanwhile, the seemingly non-stop babbling of the left as they pile up on Donald Trump can be quite annoying.

    If the left would just calm down the support for Donald Trump would dissipate.

    But the left is afraid to take that chance. They've cinvinced themselves that Donald Trump can only be slowed down and stopped by their constant writing writing writing talking talking talking.

    Perhaps there is someone who says they hear voices and have hallucinations is experiencing some part of their mind being similarly under the mistaken belief that by continuously making spurious mental activity it is helping tp preserve the person's life.

  4. Joseph Orlow is correct.
    The entire 2016 Democrat campaign was "Vote for us because Trump is evil!" The 2016 Republican campaign was "Vote for us because we'll make America great again, get everyone jobs and Hillary is a criminal." Can you spot the difference? The Left thinks it's so obvious that they're going to win the election that they can't be bothered trying to convince you. A "Vote for me because he's awful" doesn't win elections.


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