Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Donald Trump's 'Delay Tactic' on Mar-a-Lago Likely Doomed: Prosecutor


In addition to Aronberg, Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe has suggested that the chances of Trump's suit being successful are slim, describing the motion as "very strange" during an interview with MSNBC's Joy Reid on Monday. Tribe said that the former president was "asking" to be prosecuted while pointing out that the motion was filed on behalf of "President Donald J. Trump" rather than on behalf of Trump as a private citizen.

"One of the amazing things that I agree with [in the filing]... President Trump—he still calls himself President Trump—should not be treated differently from any other citizen," said Tribe. "Finally, he gets that right. Any other citizen who took top-secret material to not just a private home but a resort, like Mar-a-Lago... would be prosecuted... he is sort of asking [Attorney General] Merrick Garland to prosecute him."

Tribe also said that the two-week delay in filing the motion was "quite strange" and echoed Aronberg's conclusion by saying "it's sort of too late to ask for some new special master."

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  1. Here's the obvious bias. Of course he calls himself President Trump. In America, once you're president you get the title for life. Until the day the guy dies, he's referred to as "Mr President". Yet when Trump does what every other ex-president does, he's criticized.


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