Monday, August 15, 2022

Anti-Biden commentators spread false claim that he affixed a Medal of Honor 'backwards' - lies because he deserves it!

Biden correctly put the medal around Birdwell's neck, as clear footage of the Tuesday ceremony proves. The graininess of the footage that went viral on social media made it difficult to see that the medal was hanging entirely normally near the top of Birdwell's tie.
You can watch clear footage here of Biden giving the medal to Birdwell at the White House. Nothing went wrong during the process.
The false claim that Biden affixed the medal "backwards" was previously fact-checked by Snopes, Newsweek, the Associated Press and others.
The person who operates the obscure Twitter account told CNN in a message on Thursday that they had found the video on Telegram, a messaging and chat app, along with the claim that the medal was backwards. The person said that although they are aware that people have said "it's the way the medal is and it's not backwards," they do not plan to take down the viral tweet.
"I was debating deleting it and I decided not to because it's Biden and he deserves the scrutiny," they said.

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