Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The bonkers Republican logic on why Trump shouldn't be impeached



To do what the likes of Graham, Brady and Kilmeade is, quite simply, to let mob rule win. We can't act to punish the President, who clearly egged on the rioters, because it could lead to more riots!
Tell me how that differs from arguing after September 11 that we had better not seek to punish those responsible for the bombings because it might further incite them and lead to more bombings? Or how we had better not strike back after Pearl Harbor because it could lead to further attacks on the United States?
Right. You get it.
You can disagree with the strategy of impeaching the President with only eight days (and counting) left in his term. That's a fine debate to have. But you cannot in good conscience argue that impeachment shouldn't happen because it could trigger a violent reaction from Trump's supporters.
That already happened, people! Did you miss the p

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