Thursday, January 14, 2021

How Ted Cruz wasted his intellect to back Donald Trump's fraud

 He might have been the best of us. He is the worst of us.

The manifest tragedy of the life of Texas' junior US Sen. Ted Cruz is what he might have accomplished had he not wasted a fine intellect to serve his craven political ambitions instead of the country he professes to love. Nearly every clever phrase he has turned in public discourse appears to have been designed to disrupt, not repair, and to turn the focus to Cruz, instead of the issue at hand.
He has spent much of his time leveraging falsehoods for his political benefit. More specifically, the senator has used his Ivy League education to promote election fraud theories that inspired rioting insurrectionists and QAnon quackery when he could have been at work creating policies to improve American lives. 
The simplest explanation for the base behavior of Cruz is that he will say and do anything to achieve his goal of becoming president, and he has demonstrated that he is willing to put at risk the very democracy of the country that he dreams of leading. That ought to earn him a lifetime ban from getting anywhere near the White House.

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