Monday, January 11, 2021

'Our First Martyr.' How Ashli Babbitt Is Being Turned Into a Far-Right Recruiting Tool

“The most salient thing for me is the degree to which your bread-and-butter GOP supporter, who fills out rallies and events, seem to be intermingling with extreme far-right factions: accelerationists, neo-Nazis, white nationalists, people who believe there is no political solution at all,” says Michael Hayden, an investigator at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks militia and far-right extremist activity. On Jan. 6, Hayden says, it became apparent how much those “soft barriers” had collapsed, allowing extremists to leverage a larger crowd to carry out their own agenda, using shared outrage over the lie that the election had been stolen from them.



  1. Not supporting or justifying them - how many people were killed after Floyd was killed? A number of blm and police were killed in the mayhem that followed

  2. There are several videos posted of Ashli Babbit being shot. From what I can tell, she seems to have been attempting climb through the broken window of a door. She gets hit by the bullet and tumbles backwards.

    It's been reported she was warned to back off before she was shot.

    I think there will be many more examples of people being Moser Nefesh before this is over. People online are reporting how the rank-and-file are riled up by the Left using the actions of a few to justify painting the whole Right as insurrectionists. Losing access to Trump via Twitter has left a vacuum being filled by extremists.

    I predict massive mayhem at the inauguration. People are inspired by the examples of those who risked arrest or worse to take over the Capitol.

    I don't like it. One cop has died, perhaps from injuries he sustained. Others were seriously injured. Another killed himself. One protester was trampled/smothered/crushed and died.

    This is not good and only getting worse.

  3. Stop it, Kalonymous! Just stop it.

    No comparison. Those were peaceful deaths.

  4. The media shtick is that she deserved it because she was a right winger, but Floyd was a victim of white fascists, because he's black.
    How about a knee for Ashli?

  5. George Floyd had a knee placed on his neck.

    Ashli Babbitt had a bullet placed in her neck.

    By analogy, somevPatriots are ready to take a bullet, not a knee.


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