Monday, January 25, 2021

Anarchy in Bnei Brak as ultra-Orthodox vandals run riot

Violent riots continued late into the night in Bnei Brak against the background of police enforcing COVID-19 regulations in the ultra-Orthodox city and the intense opposition to such measures by radical elements in the community. 

A bus driver was assaulted and chased off his bus, which was then set on fire and went up in flames in the middle of the city, causing damage to the apartment buildings adjacent to the conflagration. 

Ultra-Orthodox politicians condemn police response.


  1. Rodefim. Halachic response is to stop them, even at the cost of their lives.
    Politicians falsify halacha.

  2. Remember what Rav Schach, z"l, said. These people are the true Zionists. When the Communists and the Germans decreed far worse things than this and more malicious purposes, they didn't dare riot because they knew what the consequences would be. But now in Israel they know it's their brothers on the other side so they feel confident to unleash their inner beheimos.

  3. This is not just a failure of the yeshiva from where these thugs came. It's a failure of the vision of chareidi leaders , and their ideology. The belief that the entire society must be in yeshiva, with no other activities - no profession modern education, sports, leisure, etc. The idea that learning gemora alone will also teach them to perfect their characters, misfit.

  4. We modern, Zionist, compromisers are milking this occurence to its maximum!


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