Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trump's Instability Threatens To Deprive Him Of One Of His Arguments Re-Election | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. My self control is improving. I only reviewed less than the first second of this video and realized I'd had enough.

    Premise: Presisent Trump will win re-election.

    Proof: There has been a Black president. There has been a woman Presidential nominee. There has been a woman vice-presidential nominee. It seems likely in my estimation the Democrats will feel compelled to put a gay or transgender on their ticket; or at least have a prominent member of the team identifying as queer.

    It seems even more likely, if this is the case, that they will lose the election.

    Conclusion: Donald Trump will be a two-termer. He will preside over the disintegration of Democracy in America during the next few years as the Democratic party implodes and the power of socialism and moral degeneracy rip apart the fabric of society.

  2. wow !!!!
    greater than Trump himself!

  3. Who, me? Because I had a flash of coherence and managed to restrain myself for an instant? Hardly greater. Not in the same league. Not even close.

  4. Here's why Trump will win the re-election.
    The only man in history who didn't have to reconsider his position when something didn't work out was Moshe Rabeinu, a"h, because with God backing you, you can be sure it's not your fault. Everyone else, starting with Yehoshua at the Battle of Ai, had to do a cheshbon hanefesh when carefully made plans came unravelled. An inability to do so would just result in more failure.
    The liberal left, so righteous and confident of its positions, has no ability to do any self-reflection. Did "Trump is horrible! Don't vote for Trump!" not work in 2016? Stupid electorate's fault. Let's run on the same slogan in 2020. Then it'll work. Did taking more and more radical positions on important issues and displaying hate for America where Americans want moderate positions and a love of their country not carry the day? Let's get even more radical and hate America that much more! It'll work this time!
    When the left disgusts someone they respond by shouting "No, you're disgusting, now agree with me!" And no matter how many times it doesn't work they keep doing it because THEY CANNOT BE WRONG!
    So get ready for Trump 2020!

  5. Ready and willing. Tighten seatbelts. This is going to be a wild ride.



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