Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Another Religious Girl - and her IDF Vet mother -Targeted by the IDF

17 y/o Chabad Teen Threatened with Arrest if She Doesn't Comply with Draft Orders

This Sunday, Aug. 25th, Avigail Leah H., a demonstrably very religious 17 y/o teenage girl from Rechovos, was threatened with arrest, if she refuses to comply with IDF Draft Office orders to show up this Wednesday at the Draft Office. According to Jewish Law, it's absolutely prohibited for girls to serve in the military. In fact, leading Rabbis have declared it "yai'horaig ve'al ya'avor," a prohibition requiring giving up our lives to prevent. One primary reason for this is the rampant immorality and exploitation pervasive throughout the IDF.

Therefore, according to leading Rabbis, an act that could result in a girl enlisting is likewise prohibited, including submitting to a Rayon Dat. A Rayon Dat is a "religious test" often assuming the character of a belligerent military interrogation. Underage girls are often ordered to appear unrepresented and alone at these intimidating sessions, facing a battery of seasoned military officers. Quite apparently, they're well-trained in how to psychologically break girls down. Many religious girls are tripped up on by carefully selected questions, which many frum girls won't necessarily know how to answer. (See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bO2Xh07BEzGbWiqI-MbF8dMY8nzbn3gysSmPQXjLXBU/edit?usp=sharing

The family's Rabbinic guidance was unequivocally adamant against submitting to a Rayon Dat, despite repeatedly being harassed by the IDF to do so. And, as faithful frum Jews, the family has been steadfast in their adherence to their halachic guidance. And it is precisely for their very fidelity to Torah that Avigail is being denied her religious exemption, under the veneer of being uncooperative with her IDF persecution. (George Orwell: step aside.)

Avigail's parents are baalei teshuva. Their family is demonstrably religious. She even has letters from Chiloni friends testifying to her religious observance, in addition to the Tatzhir Dat, which she submitted properly. Ironically, her brother risked his life in an elite (religious) combat unit under the K'fir division (akin to the Marines), often working with the Shabak (internal security service) in apprehending and neutralizing terrorists.

Moreover, Avigayil's mother, prior to rediscovering her Jewish heritage, actually had been an officer in the Israeli Air Force. Additionally, her mother has been suffering for years from a severe medical condition. The relentless IDF pursuit of her daughter, now extending for about a year, has been taking a real toll on her health. Nevertheless, none of the above deters the government. That uncomplementary picture itself says more than ten thousand words. The Brisker Rov ZTL is quoted as saying that while one who has bad character traits is a flawed person, an ingrate isn't truly a person at all.


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  2. Yeharaig is passive. Nobody has threatened death, hence no voluntary yeharaig.

  3. WHat makes me think there's more to this story?


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