Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Emergency fundraiser and opportunity

My dear friend, the key is in your hands!

The Pittsburger Rebbe, shlita, established a network of educational and Torah institutions in Ashdod where generations of talmidim learn and grow in the path of Torah and Chassidus.

One of the brightest pearls in Pittsburgh's crown is the Yeshiva Ketana, which has an excellent reputation far and wide. Many bochrim knock on its doors, yearning to join its ranks. Over the years, the old yeshiva building became too small to accommodate the bochrim.

Over the past years, a grand new Yeshiva building - as is fitting for the sons of kings - the young bochrim who toil over their Torah studies - has been erected. During this time, the yeshiva was allocated temporary quarters. These were suddenly transferred to another institution which evicted our bochrim in order to perform renovations. The bochrim are finishing the summer zman in an auditorium ill suited to their needs, a situation which cannot continue any longer. In the coming month of Elul, the boys have nowhere to learn - until we complete the new building!

Thank G-d, the Yeshiva building is magnificent. The outer key is ready. The inside, however, is incomplete, preventing us from opening the doors to the bochrim. We must finish the inside of the building, and purchase the necessary furniture and equipment (see linked site). You can enable so much Torah learning and growth! We perforce initiated this emergency fund-raising campaign - today and tomorrow!

At the personal request of the Rebbe, who carries the yoke of the yeshiva on his shoulders, I undertook to help him finance the completion of the Yeshiva building. The Rebbe has granted his blessing to all participants in this campaign for continued siyata dishmaya in the future. Please help save the yeshiva while enabling me to fulfill my personal obligation!

Dear friend, the inner key to the yeshiva building is in your hands! Before you is a unique opportunity to purchase a permanent piece of the building, meriting a lifetime portion in all the Torah and Tefilla of the Yeshiva. This merit is eternal and remains forever to your zechus in the next world as well.

The merit of your contribution to this mini-Beis Hamikdosh is great during these days of mourning for the Beis Hamikdosh and praying for its being rebuilt.

Your generous contribution to this special fundraising campaign will permanently establish your partnership in the limmud haTorah and tefilla of the Yeshivah bochrim.

(All contributions to the Institute are recognized under section 46 of the Tax Ordinance. Tax recognized receipts are available for USA and UK as well.)

You may access the campaign online at

With best wishes for your continued siyata dishmaya in all your ways,


See attached flier for donation options.

For example: You may purchase 4 amos in the yeshiva with permanent zechus in all Torah and Tefila conducted in the building. An awesome merit in this world and in the next. For only 3,600 NIS in up to 36 payments. You will receive a decorative personal certificate of merit from the Rebbe Shlit”a.

The names of all donors of at least 100 NIS will be presented to the Rebbe Shlit”a for a special blessing.


בברכת סייעתא דשמיא על כל צעד ושעל

May Hashem's blessing, presence and guidance be with you at all times

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