Sunday, August 25, 2019

Digesting The President’s Absurdities As Allies Privately Worry | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. President Trump is doing a good job. No greater proof is needed than the media's reaction to his impromptu press conference, ostensibly the subject of this video clip.

    He has got the opposition media totally mesmerized -- and they don't even realize it.

    He only won the Repiblican nomination because of the media. They couldn't give him enough coverage. One report compared him to the fictional James Bond. As the journalist cruised in Donald Trump's jet, high above the fray, Donald Trump tuned in TV stations from below, as they passed different media markets. And it seemed that everyone on each station had Trump's name on their lips, like a series of sequential scenes from a 007 spy movie, "Bond", "Bond", "Bond".

    That's why this kind of video above just feeds into our belief that we've got the coolest President we could possibly wish for. His finger's on the button, he's got every single U.S. spy engaged in subterfuge working for him deploying every imaginable kind of high tech gadget; he's a social media star with Twitter followers in the tens of millions; he meets with the most powerful people on Earth and dominates them; financial markets ricochet off his every word; and the media are from central casting the way they rip into him every opportunity he provides them.

    And the Stream of Thought in Chief threw them some red meat last week!

    THIS IS SO GOOD IT'S BEYOND BELIEF. And as I keep saying, it just keeps getting better!!

  2. you are right the spectacle of a nut for a president gets a lot of attention
    why is that good?

  3. I deny the premise of that question. Spectacle, "yes". But it is the spectacle of a man who is skilled in many areas that the media tacitly admits to by their never attacking him on it.

    Premise: President Trump can give a speech. Impromptu speeches; scripted speeches.

    Proof: Example 1: Unscripted speech His speech at Trump Tower when he won the election. He didn't expect to win. This was the ultimate unscripted speech. It was a tour de force. Surrounded by his family and staff, he gave a middle of the night performance which I still think stands out as one of his best. It was natural, from the heart, and involved unplanned segments like when he put Reince Priebus on the spot to say a few words, and where he tried to rope inMichael Pence to do the same. A brilliant performance filled with vigor and hope (he alluded already at that point that he was planning to run again and win.)

    Example 2: Unscripted speeches Too many to list. His inaugural address. His two State of the Union addresses so far. The way the President worked the room going in and out of the House chamber for the latter speeches is nothing short of theater. The speeches are well written and delivered smoothly.

    Conclusion: When Donald Trump wants to do "presidential", he pulls it off in grand style.

    Along the same lines, his dinners and public meetings at the White House with everyone from visiting dignitaries to celebrity friends; his performance at ceremonies honoring policemen to the graduation at the Air Force Academy (he shook like 900 hands!); his private, I believe weekly, calls to Gold Star families; all done with aplomb.

    Now, we come to his meetings with world leaders, such as the G-7 meeting in France in the news this weekend. Donald Trump projects the prestige and power of America. And yet when called for to advance diplomacy, he can dial back the MAGA and deal with dictators on their level, making them feel important, and catch them off guard a little, as with meetings with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. His critics say the President showed weakness at the meetings with the Russian and the North Korean leaders. Maybe. Or maybe he was drawing them into his orbit.

    In summary, Donald Trump is a first among firsts on the American political scene and the world stage. He is holding together a country riven like no other time in history since the Civil War. And he does it seemingly effortlessly.

    Much of the media relentlessly criticizes the President as article after linked article on this blog demonstrates. And they score point after point against him.

    This is better than the alternative.

    Were Donald Trump so circumspect in his pronouncements, consistent in his policies, and so in control of his deputies and bureacrats as the media seemingly laments he's not, then Donald Trump's grip on power WOULD be worrisome. He would be a modern day Caesar at that point, someone whose very success at empire building threatens the republic, yet whose precipitous removal would be even more catastrophic.

    As it is, Donald Trump knows how to wend his way between brazen power wielding and laissez faire passivity, hitting that sweet spot that gains him my loyalty while giving others the opening to attack him non-stop. He is a force to be reckoned with and a punching bag. He is the glue holding the Union together.

  4. See
    “First the good news –President Trump’s State Department has wiped the Palestinian Authority off its map, so no more nonsense about the PA acting now or ever as a “peace partner.” It sums up like this: “Now the very existence of a Palestinian Authority is not present on the official website representing the US State Department.” Nor, from the State Department, at least, will we be hearing much more about Jewish Land termed “occupied territory.” Did you hear about it from CNN…NBC…CBS…ABC? Of course not. I caught it on Arutz Sheva. Where else? This is very big news. This is “stop the presses news.” Sanity at last. Trump hates anything fake and nothing was ever more fake than the monster that was created in 1994 at the Oslo Accords. So, onto fake news…fake news with racist views… did you read about it in The New York Times? Did you hear about it from CNN…NBC…CBS…ABC?”
    Thank you, Joseph Orlow, so eloquently you write: “In summary, Donald Trump is a first among firsts on the American political scene and the world stage. He is holding together a country riven like no other time in history since the Civil War. And he does it seemingly effortlessly.”
    Allow me to add the Malbim on Mishley by Wengrov page 47: משלי פרק ד פסוק כד
    הָסֵר מִמְּךָ עִקְּשׁוּת פֶּה וּלְזוּת שְׂפָתַיִם הַרְחֵק מִמֶּךָּ
    מדרש משלי (בובר) פרשה ד סימן כד
    הסר ממך עקשות פה. זה לשון הרע, שהוא קשה כשפיכת דמים: ולזות שפתים הרחק ממך. שלא תהא מדבר עם חבירך אחד בפה ואחד בלב
    “Nevertheless, warns the Teacher, externals do have their importance, and the righteous man should make every effort not to give outsiders any opportunity to speak evil of him. Thisis the importance of “perversity of mouth” and “perfidy of lips” --- one should behave in such a away that no whisper of slander can attach itself to him.”
    No whisper of slander, no, all the “perversity of mouth” and “perfidy of lips” of NY Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC etc attaches to Trump POTUS. God bless Trump and Netanyahu. B”h we caught the terrorists that killed Rina Shnerb and injured her brother and father near Dolev and we’re planning a town of 300 homes there near Dolev on our land in Israel.


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