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The unfortunate case of Meir and Lonna Kin - the perspective of Meir Kin

The following documents were sent to me by a supporter of Meir Kin - I am willing to publish a similar post from Lonna Kin's perspective. 


It is astounding and disgusting how the Rabbis and ORA are knee deep in their corruption as well as their hippocrisy.  Daattorah has covered extensively the fake heter issued to Tamar Friedman to remarry without a Get  by Shmuel Kaminetsky and Nota Greenblatt. Then we see that Aharon Friedman, Tamar’s husband, is still barred from entering shuls in his area despite the fact that she is remarried! Then we have the Bais Din of Rabbi Dovid Feinstein that has ruled that The Kaminetsky heter was erroneous but failed to instruct the couple to separate. They also failed to publish their ruling for public viewing,  after all this can create confusion in the public eye whether a future child is a Mamzer?  Now lets move to a different case where the similar has occurred with Halacha on the mans side but with hippocritical and vicious condemnation of the man. I’m referring to the divorce between Meir and Lonna Kin. Meir has been seeking a Bais Din resolution all along, and Lonna Kin immediately sued him in Divorce court and Family court against halacha! Meir deposited a GET in 2008 at his Bais Din but Lonna has not come to his Bais Din. Meir remarries with a Heter from 100 rabbis and lo and behold the masses came to his own wedding to shame him and his new wife for remarrying with a heter?!

Why is Meir Kin’s Halacha allowed remarriage condemmed, yet  Tamar Friedman s remarriage which was  disallowed  by a Bais Din of the choosing of Kaminetsky and that marriage was accepted without public condemnation?! According to the Torah Tamar has violated a serious Aveira, yet Meir Kin has not?! Why has ORA not organized rallies at Tamar and Adam Fleischer’s home? Why have Tamar and Adam not gotten  kicked out of their local shuls and Aharon Friedman and Meir Kin have? Ladies and gentlemen, this is  A DOUBLE STANDARD, DISTORTION AND CORRUPTION  IN HALOCHO !!!

Now , Lets begin to analyze the Meir/ Lonna Kin case. Most people are ignorant of the facts and do not understand why Lonna Kin has not picked up her Get. The reality is that the Rabbis in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as ORA have essentially “blocked” her from receiving the GET as their continuous aggressive measures against Meir constitutes “kefiya” (coercion)and  according to most poskim, such a GET would be invalidated as active coercion is ongoing. The rabbis and ORA have unsuccessfully ejected him from his local synagogues,  and continue to defame him using the internet and other publications . Rabbi Gestetner, Meir’s Bais Din in Monsey Ny, has repeatedly asked Lonna herself as well as her emissaries who have called him to remove all acts of coercion prior to negotiating an end to this saga. According to Rabbi Gestetner, Halacha dictates that this be a precursor to negotiating delivery of a kosher Get.  Lonna, the Rabbis and Ora have refused to make this first step and therefore 12 years later still have  no Get.  The Rabbis, Lonna Kin, and Ora have essentially assured themselves that Lonna Kin will remain “stuck” so long as the harassment, intimidation and humiliation continues.  How stupid can they be to continue the same strategy for 12 years which yielded no results!   After Meir was expelled from all of las Vegas shuls, the Rabbis and Ora have expended their last bullet and now have no new strategy to end this case. Lonna as well as her 3 daughters have on a ORA website video admitted that their shidduchim have been adversely affected by this  acrimonious divorce.  If Lonna  Kin would stop listening to the bad advice that the rabbis and Ora are giving, and begin to make the necessary steps as outlined by Rabbi Gestetner to remove coercion tactics, then a resolution can be achieved. In the meantime no resolution is possible so long as the rabbis and Ora continue the status quo .  Therefore what we see here is that the very same Rabbis and Ora that shout loud about Agunas,  are in fact the very ones that enable them and prevent the resolution as they seek only methods that empower the feminist women with disregard to a man’s halachic rights.  Until the masses will wake up and stand against these evil Rabbis and Ora , we will see countless women paraded as “Agunot” where in fact they are not Agunot but have statuses as “Moredet”- rebellious women who have violated the Torah on many fronts. Ironically, these women have no right to even receive a GET for their audacious and atrocious crimes committed against their husbands. In the meantime, Meir is happily married while Lonna and her daughters appear stuck in their quest to move on with their life.  In my next article I will explain and cite sources that forbid the expelling of a man from a shul which the rabbis and Ora have been instituting against innocent men.
From: Shmuel Attal
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 5:47 PM
Subject: Confidential only for Israel kin


Due to your present situation,
I would just like to clarify that you are not welcome at our Shul until:

You sign a notarized letter that you are willing, and accept to go to a Beit Din ( besides Rabbi Gestetner/Rabbi Abrahams) to discuss the get with your ex wife.

I don't want to be Mebaysh Pene Chavero Berabim, and this is why I did not ask you to leave the Shul last night, but from today if you come either by yourself, or with others, during weekday, Shabbat or Yom Tov, I will have no other choice but to ask you to leave the Shul.

Rabbi Attal
From: Chabadofsummerlin
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 11:44 PM
To: israel kin
Subject: Confidential - for Isreal Meir Kin

Dear Isreal Meir,

Due to the fact that you have entered a new marriage without giving a universally recognized Get, you are no longer welcome in Chabad ofSummerlin and may not attend. I have heard your side of the story and the unfortunate situations that you endured, yet Torah dictates the necessity of a bringing disputes to a proper Beis Din. Once you resolve this issue with a reputable and recognized Beis Din in both Isreal and the US we will be happy to have you back.

Wishing you Haztloch to overcome your obstacles and do what is proper in the eyes of HaShem and in the eyes of man.

Sincerely ,
Rabbi Yisroel Schanowitz


In Shulchan Oruch Orach Chaim , Siman 153 , Seifim 16-22, it discusses halochot pertaining to davening in a shul. In seif 16, the Shulchan Oruch (SA) rules that even in a shul belonging to a private individual, the owner cannot decide to exclude a particular person. This is mentioned in Orchot Chaim as one of the Cherems(ban) of Rabbeinu Gershom.  Rabbeinu Gershom instituted many bans and this was one of them. You can learn more about Rabbeinu Gershoms bans from the Beer Hagolah on the SA at the end of a section on “Nidui Vecherem” (Yoreh Deah 334).  The Mishna Berura s.k.88 cites the Gemara Gittin which talks about the story of Kamtza Bar Kamtza as a reason why it is forbidden to expel someone from a shul. The expelling of Bar Kamtza led to the destruction of the Bais Hamikdosh.  The Tashbetz IV:7 brings another reason. The Rema rules in accordance with his contemporary, Maharam Padua 85, that the Cherem Rabeinu Gershom can be circumvented by arranging an advance stipulation. Essentially, the owner of the shul can first exclude EVERYBODY and afterwards readmit them on condition. However this ruling would be problematic to the Mishne Berura as how can a stipulation be permitted to be used to humiliate a neighbor? The Tashbetz explains that the reason one may exclude an ENTIRE congregation is that we may assume that the congregation as a whole will manage to find another place to daven, whereas an individual does not have this option if there is no other shul as is in the case of Meir Kin who has just 1 shul in his area.  Therefore we see that the evil rabbis today make up halacha as they go, and choose to expel men from shul as they see fit, disregarding the poskim and Cherem Derabeinu Gershom. They continue to  invent the Torah as they go. The sin of expelling a man not only violated the Cherem Rabbeinu Gershom, but causes these men untold public shame which we know the Gemoro states that a person who shames one in public loses their share in Olom Haba. It is my sincere hope that my articles penetrates the hearts of these rabbis/activists and lend them understanding that not only are they guilty of heinous crimes in the eyes of Hashem, but that their tactics have served no purpose as kicking out Meir Kin and Aharon Friedman have not helped achieve a Get on behalf of Tamar Friedman or Lonna Kin.  Attempting to extort a Get  from a man by violating the Torah is like going to the Mikva while holding a dead insect in your hand.  After the conclusion of the Mendel Epstein debacle, the world can see that these rabbis have been committing fraudulent acts under the “DISGUISE” of helping women receive a GET. The time has come to change gears and approach hilchot Gittin the correct way by using Torah principles and by approaching resolution using Darkei Noam.



  2. Who is this Akiva Wasserstein and why is he posting nonsense that makes his IQ sound lower than his shoe size? When a mesarev l'din, goy marrying sheygitz like Meir Kin witholds a Get, all manner of harrasment are perfectly fine l'halacha, as long as they comply with dina d'malchusa. And is anyone still under the impression that Abraham was a real dayan? He was a pimp.

  3. How does Meir Kin obtain a heter meah rabbanim unless there was substance to his having provided a get to his ex-wife? I doubt he was hanging out at JTS's graduation collecting signatures.

  4. Besides for name calling and slander, do you have anything of substance to add? Why don't you write up a guest post, from Lonna's perspective?

  5. How dare you slander upright & upstanding Rabboim!

  6. can you provide evidence for your assertions regarding Meir K marrying a goy?

  7. fedupwithcorruptrabbisSeptember 5, 2019 at 4:37 PM

    It shows that you are ignorant of halocho. Dina Dmalchusa does not overrule Halocho when halocho doesnt violate the laws of the land. Lonna went to civil courts AGAINST Halocho. She also gagged him. She obviously was doing terrible things on those computers and didnt want bais din to find out. I heard on the video also that Dr Steven presser, Lonnas first ex suffered by her by not allowing him to visit with his daughters!

  8. There's no violation of halacha when Lonna went to court to adjudicate matters the beis din has no jurisdiction or authority to enforce over.

  9. Can you provide rabbinic certification over the beis din that officiated her geirus?

  10. Slander? Truth ain't slander.

  11. “The hippocrisy and the lies from the rabbis and ORA as well as the true creators of agunot”
    Bravo Excellent. Thanks for upticks. NYS COA did not rule yet on my motion, so I can write a letter. Here’s my letter today:
    “1.I request permission to submit these papers concerning my motion 649 7/15/2019. I'm attaching an affidavit of service proving I mailed by UPS a true copy to Susan. I attach 1) Exhibit A: Gerald Aranoff letters to Gerald Garson 8/30/2001, 4/10/2002, and 5/14/2002 and 2) Exhibit B: Myla Serlin Lying to Judge Prus August 1, 2013.
    2.I made aliya June 8, 1991 and invited Susan to follow me. Susan had every right to decide not to follow me. I wish her health and happiness and long life. Susan does not have a right to lie in court papers and to submit phony documents.
    3.I quote Susan court papers with Irwin Haut signing Notary Public August 14, 1991 from motion 09/12/1991 Defendant SUMMARY JUDGMENT Decided: 10/31/1991 MOTION DENIED Before Justice: WILLIAM RIGLER Oral for Kings Supreme Court 0023213/1991 Disposed ARANOFF, SUSAN IRWIN H. HAUT, ESQ. ARANOFF, GERALD:...The Defendant continued to insist in the course of that conversation that I would, in fact, accompany him to Israel even though everyone present advised him that I am not accompanying him to Israel and that if he leaves he will be deemed guilty of abandoning me and his six children... Irwin H. Haut, Esq., who was and had been a close friend of the Defendant cautioned the defendant not to rely on the letter from the JIT as representing a contract of employment. Irwin H. Haut recommended that no actions should be taken by the Defendant at the present time on the basis of that letter.
    4.Exhibit A: Gerald Aranoff letters to Gerald Garson 8/30/2001, 4/10/2002, and 5/14/2002 shows that on 8/30/2001 I wrote to Gerald Garson: I engaged Ian Anderson to represent me to make oral argument on September 26, 2001. On 4/10/2002 I wrote to Gerald Garson: With the NY recognition of the Israeli divorce and the dropping of fines, I'm sure that we would come to an agreement quickly that would satisfy both sides and end the case. On 5/14/2002 I wrote to Gerald Garson: Ian says that if you'd agree to assign my case to another judge, he would then appear in my behalf to give oral argument.
    5.Whew, I had a good lawyer, Ian Anderson starting from WebCivil Supreme - Motion Detail Court: Bronx Supreme Court Index Number: 0008538/1990 Case Name: ARANOFF, GERALD vs. FORDHAM UNIVERSITY. I last paid Ian $250 for an appearance he made to a hearing before the Judge Gerald Garson November 14, 2001 where Susan didn't show up but telephoned for a month's delay. Larry Rothbart took the call and called Ian to the phone and the hearing was rescheduled to a month later, December 12, 2001. On December 12, 2001 Judge Gerald Garson fined me $5,000 making the total fines against me \$25,000. I paid Ian about \$10,000 over the years. I was without a lawyer from early 2002.
    6.Exhibit B: Myla Serlin Lying to Judge Prus August 1, 2013 shows that on August 1, 2013: The Court: And this case was before Judge Garson? MS. Serlin: Most of it was before Judge Rigler. Judge Garson was on it for about two months, but it was nothing was decided.
    7.I ask the NYS COA to grant my motion 649.”
    May I apply to myself “I have done what is just and right; do not abandon me to those who would wrong me.” (Psalms 119:121)?

  12. I asked for your evidence that she is a goy. Your answer is based on the presumption that is /was a goya - but you haven't provided proof.

  13. have you seen this alleged heter 100 ?
    Brisk rejected the heter 100 for R' Kotler, which was signed by Rav Shach. who signed this one? berel - why is Rav Shach's heter posul, but not this fake one?

  14. it was posul for many reasons , one being that rav Nissan kerelits BD rescinded the siruv therefore removing its (anyway weak ) basis of heter issuance 5 days priorr to collecting 100 rabbonim . this is well known. yet the monsey bd kept there phones of the hook not to take the call from rav karelits .. old history nebach.


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