Friday, February 15, 2019

Survey of scholars places Trump as third worst president of all time


In its sixth presidential ranking since 1982, 157 scholars surveyed by the institute ranked Trump the third worst president of all time after Andrew Johnson (who was impeached) and James Buchanan (whose presidency was followed by the Civil War). 
The Siena survey, released Thursday, is conducted after each new president has had a full year in office. It asks presidential scholars, historians and political scientists to rank the presidents according to 20 different categories. 
Because the survey is conducted after only one year in office, the sitting president normally comes in somewhere toward the middle of the pack as "scholars begin to observe their accomplishments, assess their abilities and study their attributes," said Don Levy, the institute's director, in a press release. 


  1. Survey of voters: we elected him, we like him, he's a great President. One can imagine that some British scholars didn't think much of Pres. Washington nor the Confederate scholars of Pres. Lincoln.

    History will record that Pres. Trump said in his State of the Union speech this year that had he lost we might be at war with North Korea. That alone makes his Presidency great.

  2. Let me fix that up for you: "History will record that Trump told yet another whopper of a lie at his State of the Union address."


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