Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Farrakhan: The 'Wicked Jews' Are Using Me to Break Up Women's March


  1. Farrakhan: The 'Wicked Jews' Are Using Me to Break Up Women's March
    No I didn’t watch the youtube. I ignore all the Kalonymus Anonymus, Berel, troll stuff.
    Thirteen million UK citizens have a demonic view of Israel
    A new study shows alarmingly high percentages of Brits who think Israel deliberately trying to wipe out the Palestinian Arabs, among other anti-Semitic tropes.
    Kalonymus Anonymus, Berel, trolls etc use tropes.
    Trope = The word trope can refer to any type of figure of speech, theme, image, character, or plot element that is used many times.
    “There is a very unhealthy climate in France. There is a fusion of three elements: the traditional anti-Semitism of the extreme right, the anti-capitalism of the extreme left (the famous “socialism of the imbeciles”) and Islamism. “Dirty Zionist”, in Paris, as in London, has become the new anti-racist mantra. Jeremy Corbyn and his followers would agree with all the slurs hurled against Alain Finkielkraut, except for “go back to Tel Aviv” (the British opposition leader would like to see Jews go back to Europe).”
    Question to Kalonymus Anonymus who lives in UK: How’s the climate in the UK????
    Oh, on my case, yesterday:

    “Mo. No. 2018-1149 Susan Aranoff, Respondent, v. Gerald Aranoff, Appellant. Motion for reargument of motion for leave to appeal denied.”
    I’m waiting for
    DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 2/22/2019.

  2. Long live Farrakhan!!!


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