Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Top US general says Trump didn’t consult him on Syria pullout


The top general overseeing US military actions in the Middle East said Tuesday that US President Donald Trump did not consult him ahead of the decision to pull American troops from Syria.
Trump last month claimed the Islamic State jihadist group had been defeated in Syria and said all US troops were “coming back now.”
The US president had long questioned America’s multiple and seemingly interminable wars, but his withdrawal order came as a shock to Washington, upending years of doctrine in Syria.


  1. History was made tonight. Pres. Trump addressed Congress and called for outlawing late term abortion.

    Say what you will about Trump. Tonight he stood for the Noahide Laws and actively opposed the Leftists in America.

    Which other President has stood against abortion in such stark terms?

  2. the fact that he lied abut a lot of things is OK with you because of his statements about abortion?!

  3. May I ask a separate question?
    RAv Moshe wrote a letter to the Minchas Yitzhok regarding something organ donations. The Minchas Yitzhak said you cannot do a mitzvah unless you do it b'simcha, which rav Moshe agrees with.
    Is this the same concept as "hishtagea" or is it a separate concept?

    many thanks

  4. Trump lies more than other Presidents. Let's take that as a given.

    Trump stood up for G-d in his State of the Union message -- more than other Presidents since Roe vs Wade.

    Let's call it even.


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