Saturday, February 2, 2019

'Willful Ignorance.' Inside President Trump's Troubled Intelligence Briefings

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s renewed attacks on the U.S. intelligence community this week, senior intelligence briefers are breaking two years of silence to warn that the President is endangering American security with what they say is a stubborn disregard for their assessments.
Citing multiple in-person episodes, these intelligence officials say Trump displays what one called “willful ignorance” when presented with analyses generated by America’s $81 billion-a-year intelligence services. The officials, who include analysts who prepare Trump’s briefs and the briefers themselves, describe futile attempts to keep his attention by using visual aids, confining some briefing points to two or three sentences, and repeating his name and title as frequently as possible.


  1. Deep State trying to undermine the will of the American electorate that elected the President.

    He doesn't let them get away with it, so they kvetch to reporters willing to give them sympathy.


  2. what will of electorate? he lost the popular vote

    on what basis are you claiming that most voters view trumps opinion more accurate than the intelligence agencies?

  3. The basis is that a few blabbermouths talking to the press does not mean the whole intelligence community. And my guess is that a lot of people agree with that.

    The "electorate" are those eligible to vote and abide by the rules regarding the outcome instead of rehashing over and over how they would have won had the rules been different when they don't know that because the candidates would have campaigned differently in that case, too.

  4. The system is electoral votes.
    1. No one (except non swamp) is trying to change it. So it must be acceptable.
    2. If there wasn't an electoral college system, Trump would have campaigned differently. For example, time in upstate NY, NJ, other states that were written off by both parties. And would have won greater numbers in popular vote than what Hillary got. Also more third party votes, throwing the whole system in disarray (perhaps a good disarray.)

  5. since we are relying on an uninformed and ignorant president my "guess" is that you are very mistaken


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