Thursday, August 23, 2018

Trump: Impeach me and the market crashes


US President Donald Trump has responded to speculation that he might be impeached by warning that any such move would damage the economy.
In an interview with Fox & Friends, he said the market would crash and "everybody would be very poor".
He was speaking after Michael Cohen, his ex-lawyer, pleaded guilty to violating election laws and said he had been directed to do so by Mr Trump.


  1. project fear, but also true

  2. A lot of people characterize the President's words about past events a lot of ways. But here we have an opportunity to analyze the President's statement about a hypothetical future event.

    Say that the President is forced from office. Or, that there is a high probability he may be forced from office.

    This begs the question: who will be the next President? Would Vice President Pence simply step in? Or would he resign also, given his close association with the President? And if a Pence Presidency becomes a reality, would a President Pence continue on the same policy paths of the President?

    Business leaders are making decisions today based on the premise that President Trump's national and international financial policies will continue. A new President could change those policies, reinstate regulations the current Administration removed, etc. -- in a one liner word, an untested and unknown man or woman would be in charge and all bets would be off.

    A lot of investors might feel skittish about leaving their money in the stock market under these circumstances.

    Thus, we conclude that what is good for Donald Trump is good for America and vice versa, to paraphrase Charles Wilson.

    In war, certain rights are curtailed. When the big banks tottered some were considered too big to fail.

    A Trump presidency must continue even under trying circumstances. A President is not above the law. President Trump, though, r̶e̶i̶g̶n̶s̶ runs the country to benefit the economy, and that may, well, trump other considerations.

    I think many voters agree with this assessment. The mid-term elections will be a barometer on the way the President is handling the economy, not on how he handled some hush money payments.


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