Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Michael Cohen pleads guilty to 8 counts



  1. No “Andersen Cooper: Cohen basically called Trump a crook.” No No
    “Mr. Trump’s biggest vulnerability appears to be whether the payments to Ms. Clifford violated campaign-finance law. Mr. Cohen pleaded guilty to a campaign-finance charge, which prosecutors may have wanted to stipulate were criminal to hold against Mr. Trump. Mr. Cohen told the court he paid Ms. Clifford at the request of “the candidate,” which has to mean Mr. Trump. All of this reveals Mr. Trump at his worst and shows why so many Republicans had doubts about making him the party’s nominee. If he did order the payments to Ms. Clifford, he exhibited awful political as well as ethical judgment. By October 2016, after the Billy Bush tape had come out, a years-old affair with a porn star would not have shocked voters.”
    Anyway, we don’t know if Trump indeed ordered payments to Ms. Clifford. God forbid there should a big court case on this issue. I quote Proverbs 6:25-26: “Do not lust for her beauty Or let her captivate you with her eyes. The last loaf of bread will go for a harlot; A married woman will snare a person of honor.”
    God made the world that men have a sex drive and that an evil harlot could take advantage. Ms. Clifford and that lady that switched from loving Trump to hating Trump are stars in the Trump resistance. I just saw Bolton
    Wow wow wow God bless Trump and Bolton and Netanyahu and God bless America.

  2. Fake news. The real news is that 10 of the charges were dismissed as a mistrial. 8-)

  3. What in the world does this plea have to do with Russian meddling in the election?!

  4. I watched the whole 17” of this horrible CNN hate Trump piece. First, the real news today is John Bolton in Jerusalem. See
    “President Trump’s security adviser said the U.S. sanctions put in place so far have affected Iran’s ability to operate in the Middle East and that the U.S. and Israel are consulting on more sanctions and other ways to pressure Iran. Mr. Bolton said one focus is finding alternative oil sources for countries that have been purchasing from Iran…Mr. Bolton met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other officials during his visit. He said his discussions focused largely on the nuclear threat posed by Iran. They also focused on Iran’s presence in Syria, a shared concern for Israel and the U.S. Mr. Bolton said Israel’s continued strikes on Iranian targets in Syria are “a legitimate act of self-defense” and he said also that the U.S. would continue to target Mr. Assad if he uses chemical weapons, including in Idlib—the opposition’s last stronghold in the country—where the U.S. fears he will use them as part of a fresh offensive.”
    The CNN people know that Michael Cohen testimony has limited value since Cohen is a criminal and liar . The hate Trump people are working harder than ever to get more evidence against Trump. Please Daattorah, spare us etc. On the matter of Cohen’s payments to the 2 women, which is the heart of the 17” CNN piece, see

  5. You apparently don't know what a mistrial is. The charges were not dismissed. The jury could not come to agreement. It is up to the prosecution to decide if they want to retry.
    Also, why would that be the "real news" anyway? The person who Trump hired to be his campaign manager has now been found guilty on many charges, and will spend many years in jail. In addition, and more importantly, his personal lawyer stated in his plea deal that Trump directed him to violate federal law. That is the real news.

  6. On its surface, nothing. But once a prosecutor opens an investigation, he will prosecute crimes that he finds.
    Cohen, on the other hand, has everything to do with Russian meddling.

  7. Maybe you could rename this blog daas politika

  8. eddie considering the degree politics is involved

  9. I come to this website to read about:
    "Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity"

    Unfortunately, it seems has lost its vision, and a good part of the postings have nothing to do with the above.

  10. American partisan politics is not really a Torah subject, same as UK or European isn't.

  11. That's your man to upend the Presidency? The President's former colleague?

    The difficulty with your strategy isn't that your star witness might be less than, shall we say, accurate and precise in his statements. The difficulty is that he may have reasons to be less than accurate and precise. And so how are you going to know whether he's being honest and truthful or not?

    Donald Trump is going to be President for a long time to come. Before this last brouhaha I was willing to accept whatever happens. I wasn't going to take a real active role in keeping the President in power.

    I've moved on, though. If Michael Cohen is no longer willing to take a bullet for the President, that doesn't mean others won't.

  12. You have to scroll a long way to find an actual article that revolves around Torah

  13. I have no idea if Cohen will "upend the president." I actually hope that the Democrats make no effort to impeach Trump, as it will be much healthier when he gets his comeuppance at the ballot box.

  14. i disagree strongly

    but you and all readers are encouraged to write guest posts

  15. We come here to be educated and learn, therefore my writing is usually limited to reacting to what someone else writes.

    I know that you're facing serious health issues, and I wish a you a complete recovery, but that should not be reason to conflate partisan American politics with Torah.

    If your health prevents you from writing the way you used to, perhaps you can ask others to write, or you can write brief tidbits.

    As I see it, both options are less demeaning, than obsessing about American politics, and ruining the good name your blog has had all the years.

  16. Charlie is a Righteous Noahide who is looking for the Word of Hashem, which is why he visits this site. Please don't let him down.

  17. just posted the Maharal and Malbim - how about some cogent Torah comments?

  18. I am a "learner" not a "teacher". I love to read on others topics and discus what curiosities I have about them.


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