Wednesday, August 1, 2018


President Donald Trump called out the Koch brothers, who are billionaire Republican mega-donors, as “globalists” on Tuesday. The brothers have long opposed Trump’s policy of increasing trade tariffs. 
On Sunday, Charles Koch, 82, devoted part of a news conference to criticizing Trump's tariff policies. "Every nation that's prospered is one that didn't engage in trade wars," he said, as reported by Bloomberg. Shortly afterward, it was made known that the Koch brothers would no longer back only Republican candidates.
Trump's attack echoed a line he used on the campaign trail to disparage adversaries, and sometimes allies, who disagreed with his worldview. On its surface, the word "globalist" seems like a convenient label for those who favor international cooperation over “America first,” isolationist policies.


  1. "Globalist" is certainly synonym for "Jew" among some. It is also used in a more "pure" sense.

    There is no point in the President avoiding the word. Any word you pick to substitute for "globalist" would be instantly and automatically picked up by some as a synonym for "Jew".

    Some of the other terms/symbology that are used synonymously for Jew that I routinely encounter are "rootless cosmopolitan", and (((x))) where "x" is someone's name. Are we to abandon the use of parentheses? Or only triple nested parentheses? Should we erase "cosmpolitan" from the lexicon?

    Can we find some common ground? If someone uses the word "kike" in the political arena we'll agree that is wrong, ok?

  2. Considering that his favorite daughter is Jewish, I doubt he is using it in an anti-semitic sense. Globalization is a common term, and he is presumably referring to those who subscribe to this belief.
    Also, the word "Yid" is sued by anti-semites, but also by frum Jews. There is a Yiddish paper called Der Yid. I wonder what would happen if a gentile were to refer to that paper?

  3. "Shlomo" is another popular euphemism. What are we supposed to do about that?

  4. Oh, I love Trump, everything he says and does. God bless Trump and God bless America. We’re waiting, Heaven forbid, of evidence of crimes of Trump and his friends.
    “Judge T.S. Ellis became impatient at times with the description of the luxury items, warning prosecutors that being wealthy isn’t a crime. The government doesn’t want to “prosecute someone for wearing nice clothes,” he said, adding, “Enough is enough.” Judge Ellis also admonished lawyers not to refer to Mr. Manafort’s associates as “oligarchs,” saying that could improperly suggest criminal dealings.”
    Not a crime for Trump to express his opinions, Sarah Huckabee says over and over. The US Left Press is not covering what’s really happening in the US, much like the fake press in Pakistan does not cover what’s really happening in Pakistan. What’s really happening is that Trump is squeezing Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, Mueller etc. I sent this comment to the Wall Street Journal yesterday.
    “Posted In Italy Threatens to Bring Down EU-Canada Free Trade Deal I live in Israel, a PhD economist, a Trump and Netanyahu supporter. Interesting “He blames the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA, which late last year eliminated tariffs between the EU and Canada on many products.” I agree “The food industry is a key asset for this country,” Mr. Prandini said. “It must be protected.” Food is a basic need. A country that relies on overseas suppliers for food risks that in a time of scarcity, they’ll suffer shortages of food, Heaven forbid. Moses promises the Israelites entering Israel “a land where you may eat food without stint, where you will lack nothing; a land whose rocks are iron and from whose hills you can mine copper” (Deuteronomy 8:9). Aug 1, 2018 8:06 PM”

  5. We’re living in a time of עת רצון. Here’s good news in today’s Jerusalem Post, a miracle:
    Wow! “Germany's Central Bank Imposes Rule to Stop Cash Delivery to Tehran” This is big good news, ב"ה.

  6. More good news in Arutz Sheva, see
    Netanyahu: Iran will face global coalition if it blocks Red Sea…The sea provides us with many opportunities. Above all it increases the small size of the State of Israel and allows us to deploy our vessels above and below the waves across a vast area. This gives the State of Israel considerable power," Netanyahu said at the navy officers' course graduation ceremony in Haifa Wednesday. “If Iran tries to block the Bab al-Mandab Strait, I am convinced it will find itself facing an international coalition determined to prevent this. This coalition will also include the State of Israel."

  7. Rav Meir Simcha of Dvinsk warned about those who called Berlin "Jerusalem ". Now, sadly people are bringing sdom to Jerusalem.

  8. Donald Trump is the biggest Oheiv Yisroel in the White House in many many decades.

  9. May I talk of my matters with Susan?
    “24. Eric Prus (Kings County Supreme Court). Arrogant and obnoxious to litigants, Prus regularly fails to enforce stipulations entered into by the litigants in his own court. In one case, Prus had the father arrested in the courtroom and entered an order of protection where he could not even see his two daughters. In another case, he refused all applications by the father even though he was the custodial parent. He then jailed the father for failing to follow an oral order and caused his savings to be placed into escrow for many years – ruining him in the process. His conduct is unbecoming of a judge: he recently yelled at a lawyer regarding a statement of net worth; screamed at a father about paying money; and bawled at a mother about visits. This conduct is in violation of judicial canon, Section 100.3 (B)(3) (“A judge shall be patient, dignified and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity”). To top it all off, he regularly falls asleep during hearings.”
    Ah, my letters are doing good! ב"ה I’m in Israel where Eric Prus cannot do to me as he did, e.g. “In another case, he refused all applications by the father even though he was the custodial parent. He then jailed the father for failing to follow an oral order and caused his savings to be placed into escrow for many years – ruining him in the process.”
    Why am I hopeful? See:
    “The Commission for Judicial Conduct (CJC): This body has the vital role of providing oversight on New York’s judges. Yet is has proven to be sham organization, a fraudulent front dedicated to protecting the interests of judges, rather than protecting the public from judicial fraud, waste and abuse. The foxes are guarding the henhouse. The CJC fails to investigate facially meritorious allegations, and send the same copied-and-pasted dismissal letters from clerk Jean Savanyu, stating: “Upon careful consideration, the Commission concluded that there was insufficient indication of judicial misconduct to justify judicial discipline.” The CJC’s routine failure to investigate valid complaints is a violation of statute (Judiciary Law 44.1). Three officers of the CJC are mainly responsible for this: Robert Tembeckjian, the CJC’s “Administrator and Counsel”; Angela M. Mazzarelli, who serves on both the 1st Department Appellate Division and the CJC; and Rolando T. Acosta, who also serves on the 1st Department Appellate Division and, until June 30, 2017, was an officer of the CJC…According an internal source at the CJC: “It’s the pattern and practice within the CJC that our investigators first ask those judges by quiet telephone calls: ‘How would you like me to get rid of these complaints’. They then seek the judge’s permission and approval for ‘getting rid’ of those complaints.” This is indeed how things work at the CJC, under Mr Tembeckjian’s ‘administration.’”
    See, the CJC anyway calls Judge Eric Prus quietly to discuss how to dismiss my complaints. The CJC will answer me. The fake/phony 1995 Rigler Order of Separation is so blatant, as bad as the fake/phony PhD psychology letter. Follow, Joseph Orlow? Wish me luck.

  10. May I continue on Susan?
    I made a motion today to the NYS Ct. of Appeals. I write:
    1. I request permission to make this motion. I'm acting pro se. I attach Exhibit A: Order of the Supreme Court of the State of New York County of Kings Judge Eric I. Prus signed 10/15/2013 and Exhibit B: US Federal Judge Sand March 6, 2009 and Exhibit C: Amended Complaint Action for Divorce. I'm including my check for $45 payable to Clerk Court of Appeals. I'm including a notice of motion and an affidavit of service with attached UPS proof of mailing. I'm sending an original and 6 copies, all securely bound, to the NYS Court of Appeals 20 Eagle Street Albany, New York 12207 USA Phone: (518) 455-7700. I'm sending true copies (2 sets) to Susan. and 1 copy to the Kings County Supreme Court, Matrimonial Division…
    4. I'm asking the court to reconsider my case on the grounds of fraud/forgery/etc…
    5. Time limits on filing cases based on fraud/forgery etc are extremely long. Often the police and court officials show no interest in evidence of crimes of fraud/forgery. An aggrieved party may have to be patient over many years, as I am, for overwhelming evidence to emerge of crimes fraud/forgery. See
    6.I thank God that I'm in Israel where Judge Eric I. Prus cannot do to me as he did, e.g. “In another case, he refused all applications by the father even though he was the custodial parent. He then jailed the father for failing to follow an oral order and caused his savings to be placed into escrow for many years -- ruining him in the process.” The fake/phony 1995 Rigler Order of Separation is so blatant…

    7.Please allow me to skip appealing first to the Appellate Division, 2nd Dept. They put in motions on behalf of the court to my detriment. They denied me poor person relief---most unfairly. Susan is a well-known feminist activist involved with the Epstein kidnapping. Judge Freda Wolfson sentenced Mendel Epstein to 10-years jail, stating, Pacer: ”I do find that the criminal conduct for which Epstein was convicted was heinous, regardless whether the act was committed in a religious context. More importantly, Epstein engaged in kidnappings, for the purposes of forced gittin, years before he was arrested; this was hardly a one-time, aberrational act on Epstein's part.”


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