Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Don Lemon: Trump lies coming in fast and furious


  1. To say a statement President Trump makes is a lie is like saying a glass of wine is a lie, a work of art is a lie, a cloud is a lie.

    Democracy, at least in America, uses lies the way cars use gasoline.

    Democracy as a form of government was started apparently in Greece. A subsection of the population, the ruling class, came up with a system where basically all the adults, or free male adults, in that subsection had a say in running the government. Everyone else, such as slaves and children, did not have a say.

    The Greeks, each in their city state, were racially homogenous. They shared a lot in common as far as life in general, and their policies on how to run their community affairs in particular.

    Same could be said of the White, European heritage, adult males who founded the United States.

    But today the country is divided into "Red" and "Blue" and it's virtually impossible to reach a consensus on anything. The last time the country was so divided, it led to a prolonged and bloody war, marked by death in battle and perhaps even more death from disease.

    MR. TRUMP'S LIES ARE THE GLUE KEEPING THIS COUNTRY TOGETHER. And many of those who don't like it -- but certainly not all! -- seem to be precisely the same critics who want to tear down the history and values of the United States and substitute THEIR lies for his.

    Which is fine. That's how the system works here. Go at it. Knock yourselves out.

  2. “Don Lemon: Trump lies coming in fast and furious” CNN and the Left press in the US are actually similar to the lying press in Pakistan
    “The press is full of accounts of what Mr. Khan’s victory means for the troubled country. But the real decisions in Pakistan are made by unelected military officers—and the media’s dutiful coverage of the nation’s all but ceremonial electoral process is a major propaganda victory for the permanent ruling establishment….There is little room for actual democracy under these circumstances, or so Pakistan’s rulers believe. But they have come to understand the advantages of a democratic charade. The blame for problems with public services like sewers, roads and schools—often exacerbated by the resource constraints imposed by the military’s security fixation—can be shifted onto politicians. When political parties become enmeshed in corruption scandals, the military presents itself as the clean and patriotic alternative, siding with the people against a crooked elite. The political pageantry currently being indulged by the press diverts attention from the hard fact of military rule without endangering the national-security establishment’s position at the heart of the state. Even controversies over the fairness of the election process contribute to the effectiveness of the dictatorship’s disguise….The most important story in Pakistan today is not the elevation of Mr. Khan, the military’s preferred candidate. It is that the U.S., Pakistan’s principal ally during both the Cold War and the war on terror, is no longer interested in subsidizing a partner it needs and trusts less and less. Pakistan’s military rulers are therefore seeking a new patron, and China is eager to fill the void.”
    Trump makes the real decisions in the US, thank God. Trump Is putting the squeeze on Pakistan. Bravo! God bless Donald Trump. The Democratic Left puts out a false face that they are the clean and patriotic alternative to Donald Trump etc.

  3. Fan of fascism. So, no, I don't generally find much to learn from Communist leaders.


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