Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Trump is powerless as his legal fate spins out of his control


President Donald Trump may no longer control his fate, a plight that helps explain his increasingly volcanic Twitter eruptions.
Trump's persona -- in politics, business and life -- relies on his self-image as the guy who calls the shots, closes deals and forces others to react to the shock moves of a master narrative weaver.
But as a legal web closes around the President, he's in a far weaker position than he would like, a situation especially underlined by the bombshell revelations that White House counsel Donald McGahn has spent 30 hours in interviews with special counsel Robert Mueller.


  1. The liberal leftist feminist multiculturalist cultural marxist LGBTetc crowd are the ones that are powerless. Their precious oval office, from their perspective, has a pernicious intruder, a trespassing interloper.

    And we have to make sure our opponents don't get ahold of power. Because no saying what they will do then.

    Through the ballot box or the bullet, the degenerates must be prevented from using the power of the state to move their agenda forward.

    The President has an ace in the hole. Just fire the Special Prosecutor and shut the whole investigation down.

    Then drain the swamp, beach Deep State, and Make America Great Again.

  2. The problem is that POTUS and his friends are the swamp.that is why true conservatives oppose him:

  3. If you want to MAGA support Robert Mueller:


  4. The problem is not Robert Mueller. His integrity is not the concern. And even the political leanings of his staff are not ultimately relevant, since the Special Prosecutor calls the shots.

    The problem is that there was no crime. At some point, he's got to admit that and close up shop.

    And that is hard for him to do. On the one hand he's keeping the country together. As long as the liberals thinks that the President is about to be embarrassed and forced from office, the rioting from the left will not start. But if this investigation drags out much longer, the rioting on the Right will start.

  5. That video is PROOF of a witch hunt! The Special Prosecutor wasn't given millions and millions of dollars to find out things like how Mr. Trump's colleagues handled their personal finances!! What a waste of taxpayer money.

    EZ, do you live in the U.S.? The Conservatives are reviled by many Republicans. They consider Conservatives the right-wing of the Democratic Party. The Republicans are tired of Conservatives making campaign promises that they'll stand up to the Democrats, and then being double-crossed when the Conservatives end up making common cause with the Democrats.

    Republicans were tired of being duped and voted in Emperor...errr...PRESIDENT Trump.


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