Thursday, March 24, 2016

Problem with Disqus: Comments are not showing on the Blog after moderation

 update: Just received the following information from Disqus which seems to have solved the problem

This is occurring because Blogger recently began using unique, country-specific URLs depending on the geolocation of the user visiting the page.
As Disqus is designed for a different thread to be created on each unique URL, this is causing new, 0 comment threads to be created when the page is accessed from any country where the site will not end in “.com”
To prevent this Blogger change from affecting your site, please follow the instructions here to prevent Blogger from creating new country-specific URLs for the pages of your site:
Have a great day!


I was just informed that no recent comments are being displayed on the Blog. I have approved over 300 comments this week - but they do not appear on the Blog. I just contacted disqus. If the problem doesn't clear up I will drop Disqus and go back to the old system


  1. I see new comments posted on the last few hours. I also have seen need comments posted every day over there last week.

  2. no - the problem apparently started when I asked Disqus to remove the ads they had started to put on my blog. It looks like they removed more than the ads

  3. I see 32 comments on the "they think we're stupid" topic on but here on the blog page it doesn't shows them.

  4. that is the biggest disadvantage of outsourcing. you trust some web services the important part of your website's content such as comments. then someday these services will have some problems or will state their own strange and unacceptable rules, cos they know that they become irreplaceable. and you submit them cos you have no choice.

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