Thursday, October 22, 2015

Israeli suspects in court for Eritrean beating

Israeli police say four men will appear in court in connection with the beating of an Eritrean man during an attack by an Arab citizen at a bus station that killed an Israeli soldier and wounded several people.

A private security guard shot the Eritrean, thinking he was an attacker. As the Eritrean lay on the ground, a mob of people cursed him, kicked him and hit him with objects. The Eritrean later died.

Rosenfeld says it is not clear if the men will be charged.

Some 2,000 people, mainly asylum seekers from Eritrea, gathered in Tel Aviv’s Levinsky park on Wednesday for a memorial service for Habtom Zarhum, the Eritrean asylum seeker who died after being shot and assaulted by a mob at the Be’er Sheva bus terminal on Sunday night. [...]

Some of the mourners wept and told Haaretz they did not believe Zarhum was killed accidentally. “I’ve never seen such a thing, only in the Sinai or in the Islamic State,” said Eden, an asylum seeker from Eritrea, referring to the video clips of Zarhum’s killing. “If they had shot him once it might have been a mistake, but shooting him again and again is not a mistake. People trampled on him and threw things at him. The police were there. Why didn’t they stop it?” she said. [...]


  1. How can it not be clear if they will be charged? A human life was taken.

  2. They might not be the guilty parties. Or, they might argue that they thought he represented a threat. It seems unlikely, but in the heat of the moment, when an attacker had just killed one person and wounded a number of others, they might not have been thinking clearly.

    Of course, the final blame lies upon to the murderer and upon those who incited him. The former is no longer alive to be punished, but the latter are.

  3. Another point: Although the beating was wrong and even barbaric, it likely was not the cause of death. He was shot first by a security guard who thought he was a second attacker. He probably died because of the shooting, which was a tragic mistake, and should not lead to anyone being charged.

  4. The disbelief is absurd. So are the accusations of anything sinister involved. They thought he was the terrorist who grabbed a gun and started firing on people in the mall. They thought that because the security guard also thought so and shot him. The bystanders believed, this is the piece of crap that just tried to kill us all and that was just neutralized by gunfire. They proceeded to kick and curse at him as they have done to a lot of these stabbing and attacking and subsequently "neutralized" terrorists the past few weeks.

    I have read that he died from the gunshot wound, not from the mob, so that is probably why they may not be charged.

  5. VehaKB'H matsilenu miyadam.


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