Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tamar Epstein: Rav Gestetner condemns her remarriage without a Get


  1. Which Rav Gestetner? Where did he condemn it?

  2. Is this the letter from the gedolim denoucing the remarriage that we've been told would be forthcoming over the last few days?

  3. Is this the letter you had been referring to yesterday?

  4. no - this is entirely Rav Gestetner's work and is not related to the other letter

  5. My Internet connection was slow today - took me 2 hours to get this post up. First I posted just the headline

  6. fedupwithcorruptrabbisOctober 14, 2015 at 8:05 PM

    Rabbi gestetner is one of the only authentic authorities on hilchos gittin today. He doesnt just spout hot air like all the other phony aguna promoting rabbis, but rather he backs up his psak by quoting Poskim and other quotations. I wish many more rabbis will come out of their foxholes and condemn the breaches of halocho perpertrated by "disguised rabbis"

  7. Dovor beito ma tov. Yofeh dibarto, veyasher kochacho shedibarto, kmo shene'emar Lo saguru mipnei ish. Bemakom she'ein ish hishtadel lihyos ish, ulhamid Torah al Tilah bederech yisrael sava.

  8. So what do have, rabbi crazy gestetner vs rabbi kaimetsky and rabbi stern

  9. Is this rabbi naasan gestetner from panim meirotth

  10. While I deeply respect Rabbi Gestetner, I wonder if his letter coming out first will ease the way for others to come out - or could it scare off some of the others who do not want it to be perceived that they are involved with Rabbi Gestetner's activism.

  11. Does anyone has a clue why the Bedatz in Yerusholayim did not issue anyhting regarding this scandal?

  12. Here is a clue why it takes time for the BeDat"Z to come out. This matter that had so many players from various states, Batei Dinim, advocates, witnesses, therapists, roshei yeshivos, thugs, Court cases, tricks and bad treats, cover ups, maasse tatuim, blackmail, and what not, never mind all HUSH HUSH, now THAT takes time to uncover. Therefore, in a different country like Israel being a Shmuo Rechoiko al achas kamo vekamo, and you better make SURE you got your story straight and rock solid before you declare Mi laHASHEM ELAY, else your'e dead meat! You can rest assured, the check is in the mail. Yes, and heads ARE going to roll, R'L'. And as for scaring anyone off? No way Jose, Kabel et haemet mimi sheomro, veze kol hatora kula al regel achas, veidach zil ugmor! Be'emet, DVARIM KEDERBOINES!

  13. Time to stop this debate!

    Jewish blood is running on the streets of Israel.

    Who cares about this stupid couple?There are more important things going on to worry about.

    As in the case of the Meisels sex abuse case, or the Tropper or Hersh cases, or many of the other cases discussed over the years on this blog, there comes a certain point when the mistakes of all sides becomes obvious and continuing to hammer away at the same points is overkill.

    As usual, a spoiled brat couple has fight or goes overboard, dragging in notable rabbis who have better things to do, and the whole world gets involved and then what?

    The young couple in question here are obviously very spoiled and troubled people. What kind of husband would want to hold to such a wife when the marriage is long over? He should just give the Get and put the whole world out of its misery. What kind of wife, and her dad acting to protect his little darling, acts so childish and gets major rabbis into trouble, and acts so irresponsibly to get married again in the middle of the fracas, and what kind of "Frum" Jewish man takes as his wife a woman who is not properly divorced from her first husband?

    The point has clearly made hundreds of times already that "the lady is a tramp" -- so what else is new.

    All the letters and "gezeiras" will not get her UN-married now, so what is the point of all the shouting?

    And as for the Kaminetzkies, they may or may not have committed a major blunder,so what else is new? As this blog has proven many times Gedolim are not "popes" and they are not infallible. Like Moshe Rabbeinu they can and do make WELL-MEANING mistakes.

    What is most troubling is to see the glee and sadism with which the usual pro-RAS trolls, like shmoe and dishonesty and knishka etc, take delight in lacing into Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky as if he were some "rosha" CH"V, while when it comes to ANY of the obvious and blatant faults of RAS they stay silent and run to demolish and knowledgeable and factual criticism of their favorite rabbi. Shame on them!

    Blood is running in the streets of Israel. Frum Jewish are being knifed and shot to death every day now, and our "great" bloggers here think it's great to pick on some stupid meidel who is obviously not worth a shmek tabak, and try to defend a guy who should long ago have cut his wife loose and given her a Get and not contribute to this stupidity.

    Today's reality is filled with very hard Halachic Shaylos of Geirus, Gittin, Sholom Bayis, Gender issues etc, and they are all important, but to focus on the nonsense for so long, while Jews are being murdered right in Yerushalayim where this blog emanates from and to ignore the serious issues of Jewish survival and and what should be the correct Halachic responses during such a serious Matzav is irresponsible and childish.

    All over the world there are great Tefilla and Tehillim gatherings going on to beseech HKB"H to "intervene" to save the Yidden from their ferocious enemies. In addition, Russia has now invaded Syria just a short distance from Israel and it poses a new danger that we all need to comtemplate seriously. Yet here we are talking about what some minor rabbis in Monsey of all places are saying about a Get mess in Philly that basically everyone is tired of, couldn't care about, and that does not deserve the "PR" it gets.

    Stop the nonsense and let's focus of the real dangers facing Jewry in the world now and how we should be responding to all that as Torah Jews!

  14. Of course the issue here is the distortion of halacha by people who are very 'trusted'

    This is not a minor issue

  15. RaP - according to you all cases reach a certain point where it is time to drop the topic - except if it Chaim Berlin and Rav Aharon Shechter.

    The rest of us don't share your persepctive. I will continue discussing topics as long as I see that it is beneficial.

  16. Relax my friend. Much ado about nothing. If you want to help the situation in Israel, relieve the Dayonim she'einom mehugonim as Daynei Yisroel. Dayeinu, enough is enough. That's from where all these tsores eminate from. This whole saga is about Bullying to outsmart RAF and to disenfranchise him as if in ein onu nizkokim lecho anymore, as it is obvious that Dr. Epstein was a mekurev lemalchus. This blog is to fight back for kvod haTorah without nesius ponim, in the same manner like ORA has been Bullying and buffalo stampeding the young Fathers for the advancement of feminism. It has been said by gedolei Yisrael that those rabonim that are chonef to women, are choshud al znus and it is no wonder why they advocate it as well.

    For us Yidden, the TORAH rules, and it rules us, not the other way around. We must not be caught up in, mideshoskei lehi rabanan, shma minah denichei lehu. Either they own up and disclose their sources leheteira if they have any, or fess up! Velo yeosseh ken libnos Yaakov. Indeed, RAF offered a Get, along with custody rights and rightfully so, she refused, she wanted it all, eat the pie and have it too. Tafasto merubo lo tafasto. Kindly fix it, so we can move on.

  17. I think Rap is arguing that the current sakanos nefashos in Israel is more pressing than a messed up divorce. He also implies, correctly, that the husband who refused the get is guilty of lifnei iver.
    However, since this blog is largely about halacha, it is appropriate to discuss these controversies.
    If the blog existed in the 1970s, it would discuss things like the Langer case, the chaim Berlin, etc. I would be defending R Goren, and Rap would be telling us about the yom kippur war. Nothing is new under the sun.

  18. Harav Gestetner saves the day for klalyisroel . and spreads his protective wings Torah loyal Succos Shalom on all true believers Maminim.

    May many more Rabbonim Ksharim join his Lone call in the darkness so we and klal yisroel be protected by :

    Hapoires succas Shalom aleinu al kal ysroel

    val Yerushliam....


  19. Quote:
    "Jewish blood is running on the streets of Israel.
    Who cares about this stupid couple?
    There are more important things going on to worry about."
    Just the opposite!!
    for all we know this False ruling is the root cause of the rampant murders in eretz yisroel.!!
    False Dayanim is the punishment: Cherev!!!!Sword.!!

    .Hashem Yishmorenu. viyatzelenu.
    only foolish people think that cover up will bring Shalom.

    The opposite Exposure of evil that's what saves klal yisroel Read your History

  20. Silly! There are millions of serious Aveiros being done every day all over, and anyone can say that HaShem is "punishing" the Yidden for their Aveiros. No one knows the connection between any specific Aveira and the Oinesh! So don't be a fool. Most Frum people never heard of any of these Rabbonim and don't care. While it makes nice "headlines" on a blog, the real world has other BIGGER problems. Right now there is an Arab uprising, and it's time to figure out what to do about it. Shouting about wayward rabbis does not solve problems. At this point people have already decided who they want to believe and support in this stupid case, and all this blogging and shouting and posting will not make even one scintilla of a difference! Wake up and smell the coffee, we have bigger fish to fry!

  21. Loved the joke! You see ON THIS BLOG UNWITTINGLY OR NOT this case still connects RAS because the trolls who are helping you to attack Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky are the same ones who support RAS all the time. They want to destroy anyone who is in the path of RAS's absolute rule of the Aguda world in the USA. If you don't know or can't grasp that I can't help you understand any better. But at this point I doubt that people want to know so much about one couple's marital problems that has dragged in a few rabbis and you and your brother.

    Feel free to write about a failed marriage and a stupid divorce and how it got toxic and to ignore what is happening in your own backyard as Jews are slaughtered and their blood runs right past your door and you worry not about that but about what some stupid immature couple did or did not do, or to blame Rabbi Kaminetsky or anyone else, and by now we all know he made a mistake but so what, rabbis make mistakes and time will prove if they are right or wrong.

    Lets' move on and stop boring people with every last gory detail about a scandalous divorce and what each part did or did not do. Unless you are being paid to be a publicist for the husband, that we can't help, but please spare us all the drama, we have had enough.

  22. RaP glad you loved the joke but why are you the only one laughing?

  23. I am not laughing, I am actually crying!


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