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Todros Grynhaus: Victim's father claims his daughter and witnesses were threatened during the recent trial of

Paul Harris    Editor/Managing Director of the Jewish Telegraph asked me to post this article.

Jewish Telegraph Todros, 50, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of two charges of sexual abuse against two females and is awaiting sentencing.

A further charge against a male victim is believed to be awaiting a decision, depending on the sentence, on whether or not it would be in the public interest to bring it to court.

"Certain people were threatening my daughter," the father of the girl told the Jewish Telegraph.

"The children of other witnesses were threatened. It was horrendous.

"There were people who were so determined to avoid a guilty verdict that they were threatening right, left and centre.

"They attacked my daughter's personal morality. She is extremely upset that the community didn't support her."

He said his daughter had been "very strong", but that other victims had been afraid to come forward, while religious leaders had been afraid to give evidence because of intimidation from Grynhaus' supporters, self-appointed askanim (community activists).

The victim's father claimed that a letter had been circulated within the charedi community appealing for support for Mr Grynhaus, who was described as a righteous person, "allegedly accused by the completely invalid testimony of women".

The letter was removed from circulation only when it was later discovered that one of its rabbinic signatories had denied having authorised it.

The father alleged that the batei din of Manchester, London and Kedassia had refused to become involved in the case and support the victims, describing it as "a cover-up"

Todros' father, Rabbi Dovid Grynhaus, is a dayan on the ultra-Orthodox Kedassia Beth Din, although there is no suggestion of any wrong-doing on his part.

The case was eventually reported to the police on the advice of the Gateshead Rav, Rabbi Shraga Zimmerman who, it is claimed, is, as a result, now persona non-grata within certain sections of Manchester's charedi community.

Rabbi Zimmerman refused to comment to the Jewish Telegraph. Also refusing to comment was Mr Grynhaus' cousin, Rabbi Gershon Miller, of Gateshead, who appeared as a prosecution witness. Dayan Osher Westheim and Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu, formerly of the London Beth Din, both of whom are believed to have supported the victims, also refused to comment.

Among those attending the court proceedings were chairman of governors of Yesoiday Hatorah School, Modche Halpern, Bnos Yisroel School governor Dovid Adler and Yehuda Aryeh Lobenstein. All also refused to comment to the Jewish Telegraph.

The victim's father, a charedi, said: "A lot of money was spent getting one of the top barristers to defend Grynhaus. Hundreds of thousands of pounds were spent to try to convince the jury that he was innocent.

"It was very close to convincing. What the community should be thinking about is that people were threatened into not speaking out. Should cowboys, like in the Wild West, be running the show?"

The daughter of the man who spoke to the Jewish Telegraph was a lodger at the age of 14 at the Grynhaus home while attending a Manchester Jewish secondary school.

Her father received a phone call in the middle of the night from an American rebbetzen whose husband had been consulted when Mrs Grynhaus had found her husband in bed with the girl.

The girl's parents were told that inappropriate behaviour had taken place and that their daughter should leave the Grynhaus home immediately, which she did.

Mr Grynhaus offered the girl £1,000 to pay for counselling.

The girl's father alleges this offer became a crucial admission of guilt for the police.

Mr Grynhaus later persuaded the girl to leave school at the earliest opportunity for fear that she might speak of her experiences.

The father said: "A teacher asked her at one point if everything was OK. If she had only said no, then the whole thing could have been stopped. But she did not have it in her because she was a victim. He persuaded her to leave and she got a job at 16.

"She has been through a lot. She had to be tremendously strong. But it is not always easy at all for her."

This week, she was too ill to speak to the Jewish Telegraph.

Mr Grynhaus, a father-of-ten, was a teacher for many years at Manchester Jewish Grammar School, now Mesivta, and other local schools.

There is no suggestion that anyone mentioned in this story was involved in intimidation or any other wrong-doing.


  1. Toldos Green HouseJune 14, 2015 at 12:40 AM

    I admire Mr Harris for publishing such an important story. Hopefully the days of covering up scandals to protect perpetrators like these are behind us.

    It is only due to the people on the front line like Mr Harris standing up for the right thing that we can hope for a change in attitude within our communities.

    Well done!!

  2. What is happening to the jewish people? A mafia exists within jewish communities threatening innocent people with violence for exposing the vile wrongdoing within their community, the perpetrators of evil usually being people who are held in high respect within their community. As in the case of Toldros Grynhus his supporters said he was a good man. It obviously wasn't their children's lives destroyed by this evil pervert. Their argument that he will be destroyed if he goes to prison is his responsibility alone, he should have thought of that before doing his evil deeds. What will happen to his family? Again that is something he should have thought of, it is not the community's responsibility to cover up his crimes which let us be quite clear by doing so this is also a crime. If they want to help his family whilst he is in prison, they raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for top barristers to plead his innocents, money which would have been better used to support his family whilst he is in prison.

    A culture exists within certain sections of the jewish community that the only crime is getting caught. Civilized societies cannot exist whereby people can break laws knowing that there are others who will ensure that they will never get caught, that anyone who wants to come forward or support the innocent victim will be threatened, and in some communities they can even corrupt the judiciary and the social services etc. We as jews should know that this is not true torah values, and if this is how supposedly religious (charedi) jews are behaving then we must take a stand and say that we will no longer tolerate this behaviour. Especially since the lawbreakers are usually perceived by us mere mortals as holier than thou. It is they who will bring down the Jewish people not the people who are going to the police to report these crimes. We must put a stop to this mafia behavior within our communities. Never before have people strived to be seen to be so religious, but I can't help thinking that G-d has somehow been left out of the equation!

  3. I certainly agree that such crimes must be condemn at every level but there is some hypocrisy in the claims that one individual or another should 'speak out load'
    The Jimmy Savvile scandal seem to show the exact same thing that many people chose to keep quite simply because the were scared to talk. They only speak out now because they have nothing to fear as the authorities finally favor the victims after choosing to ignore his crimes for many years.
    The issues that we have locally are nothing to do with tolerance to this crimes, quiet on the contrary there is less tolerance for these crimes within our communities, however, members of the community have something to fear by speaking out so they blames goes on those within the community that scare them. These are indeed askonim which are the real trouble makers in our societies.

  4. This is what is happening in Vienna with the Schlesinger twins. Everyone here is frightened to speak out because there are many who have been threatened. Michael Schlesinger himself has threatened many people. Everyone knows that it is dangerous to befriend Beth or talk to her. Everyone also knows that there is a jewish mafia at work but of course everyone is too scared to speak out about it.

  5. "What is it with these people??? Where is their Yiras Shamayim and love of Hashem? They threaten the victims, their families and anyone who they think may be a witness for the victim and they raise money for defence knowing full well of the guilt of the person involved. Well all I can say B’H justice has prevailed. Perpetrators of sexual abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence need to understand that they will be found out in end. It doesn’t matter where they are - Australia, America, Israel or Vienna they are the same over and over again threatening and intimidating people caring nothing about the lives they ruin. Its really not such a long time since the holocaust, a blink of an eye really in the grand scheme of things but now the criminals who think nothing of demolishing innocent lives are the Jews. What makes these abusers and bully boys think they can get away with it? Shame on them."

  6. The jewish community of Vienna must get their act together and confront these bullies. Just as in Australia they are falling down like a pack of cards. In America, in London and now in Manchester. It is all empty threats and they should stand up against these bully boy tactics. We cannot allow our Jewish Communities to live in a climate of fear from these bullies. Their behavior is criminal and they should face prosecution for their actions. It is enough that there is antisemitism which we have to deal with, without threats coming from our own jewish bretheren

  7. So what Ari Davis is saying is that because Schlesinger has not been accused of sexually abusing his kids, then he should not be placed in the same category as sex offenders.

    I'm afraid Ari has missed the point. We are making the comparison of corruption and threatening behavior, and using contacts within the jewish community to gain an unfair judicial outcome, irrespective of the crimes they commit. This is known as perverting the course of justice. It could just as well be fraud. Nobody has the right to stop people from going to the police and/or the courts and getting a fair hearing. Schlesinger himself admitted in Court that Judge Konstance Thau ( ), an Appeal Court Judge and member of the jewish community of Vienna, has been 'helping and advising' him ( ). This was documented in the court papers. Do you really believe that someone who tried to put his wife in a mental hospital, who told the police, ambulance-men and police doctor that he was a psychiatrist, who used his corrupt psychiatrist friend and member of the jewish community Paul Foldes to carry out this evil deed, when he admitted to the police doctor that he had never set eyes on her before, yet was more than willing to have her committed on the recommendation of Schlesinger, a trainee doctor? Schlesinger was evicted from the family apartment and only had supervised access as he was deemed to be dangerous, he also admitted forging his wife's signature to obtain her maternity benefits (all documented in court papers) and yet in a sudden and surprise decision was given full custody with no visitation rights to the mother! This was also against the recommendation of the social services. However, it was the recommendation of a psychiatrist (Willinger), an employee of Konstante Thau's husband, himself a psychiatrist. There were many other reports submitted, all in favour of the mother retaining custody. It all amounts to perverting the course of justice.

    I do not know what Toldros Grynhus's crimes were, nor Halpern's nor those within Chabad Australia and America. All we are saying is that there is a culture of intimidation within the jewish community, which is intended to give an outcome in favour of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

  8. You dont know what Todros Grynhous crimes were??? so why are you commenting here?
    Read the story and find out. He sexually abused kids, and thats what this is about. Comparing Michael Shlesinger to him is disgusting, and utterly false, and if that mindset is coming from Beth its the type of shrill lunacy that makes me think that maybe the judge got it right...

  9. Ari Davis you don't get it. This is about dishonesty and lies. A lot of money was raised to get the best defence in order to get the correct verdict from the court for someone who was known within his community to be guilty not just of sexual abuse but of threatening witness and victim alike to get the desired result. Schlesinger in Vienna used every means possible to get the result he wanted and that was only in order to further abuse the innocent girl who married him. As for Beth wanting everything to be about her quite the opposite is true. Its all about Schlesinger and his vile behaviour. Beth and her family are dignified and private people. Beth has been slandered and maligned enough by Schlesinger and his lies without having people like you adding to. Furthermore she is having to witness her innocent children being made to suffer horribly as a result of Schlesinger and his lies and threats not to mention the disgusting bent people he has used to gain his vile end.

  10. Ari, what is it you find so difficult to understand??? Corruption is corruption, whether it is attempted in the grynhaus case, or carried out as in Vienna. This is the tool of choice in both of these cases and I hope it does not represent a worrying trend. We are not comparing Schlesinger to grynhaus (although both are revolting people), we are comparing corruption.

  11. Ari Davis for goodness sake everyone knows what Todros
    Grynhaus is guilty of. It has been well documented. We are
    discussing here that Grynhaus and those people who supported him used threats
    and intimidation to get a not guilty verdict when they knew he was guilty. Where the comparison comes in with regard to Schlesinger we have the same type of dishonesty a dirty
    psychiatrist who it is on record later admitted to the police he had never met
    the person he was putting away, a high court judge (friend of the Schlesinger
    family) whose involvement Schlesinger has admitted to in court, a Rabbi
    (Biderman) who has volunteered false information to the court telling them a
    three year old – a three year old mind was doing fine when in fact he was self
    harming. Why on earth did these people
    lie for Schlesinger? How can you work
    that out please? How can anything be
    right when there are lies and underhand dealings going on? Now how can a corrupt judge in a crooked court
    get it right?


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