Monday, June 1, 2015

Rav Dovid Eidensohn - Telephone Conference :Failing children and failing marriages May 31 Sunday 9:30 PM

Dial the Dial-in-Number then the access code to enter the telephone conference. You may comment or question. The conference is usually recorded. To listen to the recording dial the Play-back number listed below. We hope to place the recording also on our blog and website bli neder. The goal of the telephone conference is to teach about how to deal with problems with children in school and family problems, as well as marriages, and the halacha and chazal of these.

Dial-in Number:
Access Code:
198771# to enter

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  1. We now have two accounts for telephone conferences. On Wed night 9:30 we continue with the Even Hoezer shiur about the laws of Gittin and family. And on Sunday night at 9:30 we have a new project about Failing Children and Family. The two accounts have separate dial-up and code numbers.

    The first shiur on Failing Children quoted senior teachers who maintained that a large percentage of each class has failing children or children with serious issues. Also, that things worse every year. Also, that the community is doing nothing about this, although here and there somebody makes a special school or special program where some students greatly benefit.

    When we concluded our first Shiur about failing children, somebody visited me who is known as a major international expert on running Yeshivas and helping children succeed. He is accepted by many schools as the supreme authority in it, mostly in Israel and another in Europe. He had an entire program to avoid the issues and problems mentioned by the teachers, although to be fair, his program had to be instituted from the ground up, from lower to higher grades. But still, many things he mentioned could help everyone if they could be implemented. Thus, next Sunday we hope to present this more positive or rather exciting new look at how Torah schools could look.


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