Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rav Dovid Eidensohn: Sunday night telephone conference June 7 9:30 PM Failing Children and Failing Families - How to Teach Children to Earn and Learn and Succeed

Shiur #2 Account 2 Failing Children and Families - How to Earn and Learn and Succeed call 641-715-3580 then add code 198771#

We will study the Rambam and how people under twenty years of age had money to buy homes and furthermore had established income. Without this, says Rambam, it is forbidden to marry. Why this is crucial to children, that they earn and learn and succeed.


  1. The program tonight about failing children will focus on how originally Jews had a different program for children, how they succeeded with it, and why we fail without it.

    I will also describe the incredible statements of gedolim I personally heard, with great wonderment, from Gedoleim of the past and present generations. It took me a while to realize that they were right, and that our educational system is destructive. But then we have to understand how we got into this in the first place.

  2. An audio of the telephone conference about Children Earning, Learning and Succeeding is available at Full URL is or simply .

  3. This was a very interesting discussion and seems to be great idea for solving the current problem of kids being turned off and the story of the anonymous questionnaire if the kids wanted to be Jewish if they had the choice in a standard Yeshiva class where the majority said they wouldn't. The real solution would to be to understand the tremendous chesed and privilege we have to follow the Torah to become close to Hashem and enjoy the world on spiritual level where life has great meaning and value.

    Have you found any backers for this idea among the Gedolei Torah? Some would not admit to it publicly but maybe some would give support to your ideas.

    How do you balance not having students drawn to professions over advancing in Torah at too early a stage?


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