Sunday, December 21, 2014

2 months ago Frum Follies predicted that the IBD would be forced to accept the CBD's view. - Why did the reverse happen?

In late November the CBD joined the IBD forming a joint beis din [see post]  that on December 1 publicly accepted the IBD's viewpoint.(see Frum Follies negative response)

This event directly refuted the following analysis that  Frum Follies published only  2 months before.

Frum Follies (Yerachmiel Lopin) wrote: 
Meanwhile, the greater dispute about the seminaries continues. The CBD is not backing down from blocking accreditation for the seminaries. Without accreditation the seminaries will not be able to successfully recruit for the 2015-2016 academic year. The recruitment season starts in a few weeks and typically closes around the end of the calendar year.
The CBD is demanding authentic proof that Meisels has no organizational or financial connection to the seminaries. They are also demanding the dismissal of some staff involved in covering up abuse including some of the principals.
We have not heard a peep from the Israeli Beis Din or their PR vehicle, the Daas Torah blog of Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn, since the CBD issued its unusually detailed letter about the abuse and cover-ups at the seminaries. I think they have concluded that they cannot intimidate the CBD and they will just have to find a way to meet their terms.[emphasis added]


  1. I guess I'll be the first one to state the obvious. Prior to the joint BD the staff had never presented their side to the CBD only the IBD. All that had been heard by the CBD were the claims. But my friends... their are ALWAYS 2 sides to every story and once the staff presented their side in front of the CBD, the picture was drastically changed, and the CBD changed their mind. Hence the new psak.

  2. RDE, I think this possible should be a bit clearer that it's quoting FF, as currently a reader could mistake the quote above as being your own words.

  3. But the CBD had rebuffed offers to have them join with the IBD for months. During that period of willful ignorance they continued to nearly force the schools to close, malign and vilify the staffs, besmirch the IBD, encourage actions in secular courts, and continue to make and expand the horrible chilul Hashem they were making. In short, they deserve no kudos.

  4. The detailed letter posted here (and if it was ever disclosed before I didnt see it) is from the CBD to Rabbi Twerski, and it is pretty damming. For people to say that all this was about was one inappropriate "goodbye hug" shows a willful detachment from reality of a mind boggling level.


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