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Mendel Epstein: Bad Rabbi: Tales of Extortion and Torture Depict a Divorce Broker's Brutal Grip on the Orthodox Community

Village Voice     This much Abraham Rubin knew: He was lying, blindfolded and handcuffed, in the back of a van. He could feel it winding through the streets. He figured at least three men were in there with him, plus the driver. There was the one who'd stepped out of nowhere and punched him in the face as he walked down 56th Street in Brooklyn's Borough Park neighborhood just a few minutes earlier. And two, maybe three others who'd bull-rushed him and threw him into the van.
"We only want you to be a Jew," one of them said in Yiddish.

The van stopped. Rubin heard a door open and the men getting out. "The rabbi is coming," one said. Then the sound of two or more men climbing in beside him.[...]

In Borough Park, few to'anim were as prominent as Mendel Epstein.

Epstein, now 68, was known to many in the Orthodox Jewish community as a devoted feminist. Stout and bald, with a bushy beard and a steely demeanor, he specialized in divorces. Over three decades he built a reputation for effectively representing women. Says one local rabbi, "He presented himself as a champion for the underdog."

The women who came to Epstein often had a singular problem: Their husbands refused to grant them a get, a document without which an Orthodox Jewish marriage cannot be dissolved. The rule can be traced to the biblical Book of Deuteronomy, and its sway remains stifling: Without a get, a woman who remarries is considered adulterous. Any children fathered by her new husband are illegitimate under Orthodox law and prohibited from marrying within the faith.[...]

"The get is often the last vestige of control that an abusive man has over his wife," says Rabbi Jeremy Stern, director of the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, a nonprofit advocacy group for chained women. "Agunot are among the most vulnerable members of the Jewish community." [...]

Epstein publicly advocated for women's empowerment. In 1989 he published a book, A Woman's Guide to the Get Process, which advised wives on their religiously sanctioned options when seeking divorce. He wrote columns on the subject for the Jewish Press. Earlier this year, he codified his philosophy, unveiling "The Bill of Rights of a Jewish Wife" in the pages of the 5 Towns. One right states, "A wife must be treated with respect and not be abused. A woman in an abusive relationship has a right to seek a get." Another: "A husband is obligated to honor and respect his wife's parents." A third: "She is entitled to be supported by her husband." [...]

There were some exceptions. In 1997, for example, Neustein met with a woman named Libby. She came from a poor family, Libby said, but her husband was a wealthy, well-known member of the Orthodox community. He was also abusive: When she was six months pregnant, Libby told Neustein, he beat her until she miscarried. Desperate, Libby turned to Mendel Epstein. The rabbi offered one solution: He'd have her husband give her $10,000 if she left the country and promised to keep quiet.[...]

Meanwhile, in a one-room office in Crown Heights, a family therapist named Monty Weinstein was hearing stories, too. Weinstein founded Father's Rights Metro, a nonprofit group that assisted men in custody disputes. Weinstein remembers the first time he heard Epstein's name: In the mid-1980s, an Orthodox Jew approached him with a farfetched tale about how he'd been jumped by thugs and beaten until he agreed to recite the get oath.

"I was skeptical," Weinstein says. "In fact, I didn't believe it. I knew this guy must be a kook."

Several weeks later, though, another man came in with the same story. Then another. Some told of beatings, others of threatening phone calls: Grant the get or you'll be accused of child abuse; grant the get or you'll never see your kids again; grant the get, or else. By the time Weinstein shuttered the nonprofit in 1995, he says, he'd encountered more than a dozen men who'd been assaulted or intimidated over a get. [...]

After years of operating with seeming impunity, Epstein himself wasn't exactly secretive about his unconventional methods. In an interview for the 2011 documentary Women Unchained, the rabbi told of a desperate wife who came to him after her husband took off with their child. "She heard I have an ability to do things outside the normal parameters, outside normal channels," he said.

By the logic Epstein presented, he was a righteous vigilante, defending helpless women who had nowhere else to turn.

"He took advantage of their vulnerability," says Stern, adding that Epstein's motivation was not about advancing women's rights, but about enlarging his own bank account. "A gun for hire," he says.[...]

On November 16 and December 10, 1996, a "Rabbi Wieder" made calls to Belsky. In a transcript of the conversations, translated from Yiddish to English and later filed in court, Belsky describes what he knew about Rubin: "We heard this person is such a rotten animal that there is no equal on this earth." Belsky goes on to explain that he and other rabbis held a tribunal and "the verdict was that there should be compulsion." He stresses that he was not present at the beating but says, "I was in agreement, after many weeks and weeks of consideration and discussing the compulsion itself."

"If he deserves the beatings, then he deserves it," the man masquerading as Wieder responds. "You felt that he deserves it, then good."

"Yes, it's very hard on my heart," Belsky replies. "I don't keep a record, but it was the first time which I have agreed to such a thing." (Belsky, who denied in court having participated in the attack, did not respond to interview requests from the Voice. Neither did his lawyer, Robert Rimberg.) [...]


  1. Thank you for posting this. It should be required reading for everyone who has held a soft spot for Epstein since his arrest. And, I fear we have only heard about the tip of the iceberg regarding this Lavan and Nimrod rolled into one......

  2. Alim veshoitim veakrabim, alim digvar, tipshim lehera, scorpionsDecember 4, 2013 at 1:45 PM

    It has been almost three months since the arrests of capo de capo and capo de tutti and their goon squad from the cattle prod gittins, namely Mendele Epstein and Martin Wolmark. Where is the Federal investigation up to so far? Is there any connection between those Molester protectors, cattle prodders and ORA Shmutzers outside of Money and sexual favors? If anyone can help out, it is here and now. TY

  3. Even over 20 years ago it has been widely and publicly known by Orthodox Jews in New York that Epstein beat/tortured husbands into giving a Get.

  4. enough to make you vomit.

    We need to ask how our religion could spawn such inhumanity in the name of righteousness. Defending the underdog? Isn't it the wives that generally are given tremendous power in regards to the children, i.e. it's assumed she will raise them better so she should be given major custody? And what about charges of abuse - who knows how much she may have provoked her husband until he did this or that which she claims is abuse? Of course, if outright abuse is proven by either side - that's another story. But what about all those gray zone cases - who get's the l'khatkhilla blame? Suddenly seems like the husband is the underdog...

    Let us not forget that it is the TORAH that set these rules that the husband must want the divorce? Perhaps he would really be ok with her fleeing the coup, but he can't honestly say he WANTS it. Now what. He's evil? Worthy of torture?

    Something in the religion of people who think like this is sick indeed.

    Let there be light.

    Chanuka someakh.

  5. Should we believe this quote from the article?

    “In a transcript of the conversations, translated from Yiddish to English and later filed in court, Belsky describes what he knew about Rubin: "We heard this person is such a rotten animal that there is no equal on this earth." ... "Yes, it's very hard on my heart," … "I don't keep a record, but it was the first time which I have agreed to such a thing."

    If so – how should we understand “We heard”?

    From whom did R’ Belsky hear?

    He admits to giving the psak without Rubin’s participation. How did he check the veracity of the sources?

    Did he interview unbiased sources concerning the facts?

    What was the nature of his “animalistic” behavior? Was it something that would require a Get?

    Based on his assumption that Rubin was “such a rotten animal that there is no equal on this earth”, did he offer Rubin a chance to mend his ways?

    My understanding is that all of the above questions would need to be investigated and resolved, as per S”A 154:3.

    I strongly believe that for Kllal Yisroel to regain trust in Bais Din, THE FIRST LOGICAL STEP would have to be that Bais Din base their psokim on FACTS and not hearsay, and the second logical step would have to be that B”D decisions follow TORAH guidelines.

  6. Perhaps the recordings could be made to make their way to the public (like the Tropper tapes)

    The public needs to know which so-called rabbis are merely shysters and imposters.

    Just wondering...

  7. the feds are not really interested in rabbis beating up husbands (or wives). they're after the money laundering. that's why there's no movement on this case (seemingly).

    ditto the wax case, except that wax is such a shmendrick, he probably knows nothing about money laundering.

    these guys, on the hand ...

    so if you donated money to a yeshiva in monsey (even legitimately), the feds are looking at your books. and considering you a permanent suspect.

    that's the real punishment.

    1. The FBI is treating these Epstein and Wax cases as mafia violence type cases. They made this clear when they asked the judge to deny Epstein and gang any bail since they were, in the words of Federal prosecutors, violent gang members who the community is at continued risk of violence from. Financial issues are at most a secondary aspect, if even that, in this case.

      Indeed, the Epstein case came as a direct result out of the Wax case. The prosecutor said the Epstein case grew directly out of the Wax case. One led to the other once the FBI went fishing to see how far this "Get violence" gangster activity reached. And the caught the 10 members of the Epstein/Wolmark gang they are now prosecuting and seeking a decades long sentences without bail.

      The reason the Feds have been delaying the Wax case for over two years, something that they only do when they are negotiating a plea involving cooperation from one perpetrator fingering another, is because the Wax couple (Mr and Mrs) have been cooperating with the FBI leading them to the Epstein/Walmark and eight other arrests and will have to testify against them in trial on behalf of the prosecutors.

    2. dan s -- reconsider. there was big bail cause one of the principals in this case is independently wealthy, so small bail amounts would be worthless.

      remember the dweck case, where they were only interested in getting others. ditto this case.

    3. MiMedinat: The prosecutors asked the judge to DENY BAIL altogether to the defendants in this case. The judge declined that but set a high bail since Wolmark has a large inherited wealth. But the prosecutors wanted them to all be sitting in jail as we speak because they stated the defendants are an ongoing risk to community members who don't give a Get.

      You're correct they were interested in getting others. That's why the Wax case was delayed. The Epstein/Wolmark gang are "the others", i.e. The Big Fish, that the Federal prosecutors were after.

      They now got their quarry.

  8. Eleh manhigecho yisroe! hayom omer loch kach, ulemochor yomar loch asse kach vekach, ad sheyomar lecho lech avod... Ad mosay meanto leonas miponoy? Ad mosay atem osim bnei ubnos yisroel leba'alei mumin? The churban habayis happened because, mideshoskei shma minah deko niche lay. Paper tigers.

  9. We as yidden are destroying ourselves from within. Most frum yidden here in the USA are doing this willingly. Most of us embrace the whole feminism ideology that Epstein and ORA preach because how could the Torah possibly be corret in giving men more power when it comes to divorce. The Torah is Emes and it is not for us to question why nor try to change halochos because our modern views may conflict with it.

    Cohanim have a tougher time with regards to divorce. They cannot marry a divorced woman nor remarry there x wife also the get process for a Cohen is tougher then for the rest of klal yisroel. The reason for this is because cohanim are Notoriously hot tempered. Like women they often think emotionally and not logically. Hashem knows all, knows our nature knows our gender faults, knows everything and created the Torah for us to follow weather we understand or not.

    Epstein and ORA are self loathing jews that are damaging yidishkeit more the even Hitler yemachshamom could. They are doing it by appealing to our modernistic views and then using that as a base for us to agree to disgard the Torah.

    We all have to stop, it does not end here but only begins here. Just this past summer the Euro organization called JCR (Jewish circumcision revisionists) got the German government to ban Bris Millah. They want all jews to have a surgeon perform the bris under anistetic. They are here in NY and they are working with Deblassio right now to create legislation to force there agenda. They even used ORA and the NYS DRL barriers to remarige laws as proof positive that collective frum communities in general will embrace and except bris millah laws.

    Next will be shechita. Already several European countries have banned it as being in humane. And the ones that haven't have only not done so because the Muslim Hallal is lehavdil deemed similar.

    Our Rabbanim and Dayanim are helping the destruction with in fighting and machlokeses at a time when we need them more then ever to put up a unified front against all these anti Torah organizations.

    We collectively need to turn back the clock. Stop ORAH, JCR, Epstein and Battei Dinim like Ralbag who write heter Arkaos with no regard to halochah. And give hechsherim to treif Hebrew National.


    1. by the way ralbag is also part of the Epstein klan

    2. Shawn,

      That was the the most horrible connection I have ever heard in my life. Shame on you Daas Torah for posting it and it was probably the dumbest point I've ever seen in my life. (I am afraid you may agree with it, DT, but I sincerely hope not). Damaging Yiddishkeit more than H-tler? Why don't you tell that to a Yid who went through the Holocaust and dealt with the Nazis Yemach Shmam V'zichram. Only a pompous American or European current generation person could make such a ridiculous statement. I hope and pray you realize how offensive and not well thought-out that was. Please take down your words and apologize immediately. Please realize that people may use words such as "Fascist", "Nazi", or "H-tler" in modern culture willy-nilly, but that doesn't make it right and it still makes some of us sick to our stomachs to hear that. I don't even write that mamzer's name, I wouldn't even give him that much credit. Better we should fulfill "yemach Shemo V"ZICHRO" by not even writing his name down. Apologize and take your words down now.

    3. Joseph

      I am not young and my father spent a year in Bergen Belzen. This fact was never lost on me growing up.

      What I see today is what the Munkatch reber saw in his pre war visit. Western open culture is erasing yidishkeit from within. The Torah is disregarded whenever it is deemed in our modernistic western cultured view's as injustice in its laws. But to be a yid is to know that the Torah is Emes and that no matter what our personal beliefs are we can never push it aside under any circumstances.

      In NY it has gone wat to far with regards to gitin. In Europe its sechita and bris millah.

      These organizations feed of each other and are growing and if we do nothing about it they will accomplish more to destroy us then the shoah and the inquisitions combined.

      The connections are there politically. Simply put what one group acomplishes the other leverages and the rift widens. All gittin written in NY since 1993 whilst under civil court authority needs to be questioned. The fact that those laws exist are horrendous. What Hitler and the Spanish could not do was get us to throw away the Torah. One pushed us to hide our beliefs and the other sought to exterminate us as quickly and efficiently as possible. Both failed because we never abandoned the Torah.

      Orah, epstein, Ralbag, JCR etc, they are using our logical and western idiology to convince us that in certain cases we can bend the rules and that the Torah may not be correct.

      Torah is not a constitution it can't be amended. I will not eat treif, I will not be mechalel shabbos, my sons will have a moel perform a bris without anesthetic I will not compromise even if my western views conflict. Because above all else I know that hashem is Emes and the torah is Emes.

      These flexidox Jews will destroy us because we are all slowly and colectivley agreeing that a woman deserves her get no matter what. But you know what? The Torah disagrees.

      Gital is quite obviously a moredet her family ganovim via arkaos, they are the worst kind of flexidox Jews because they are helping convert other jews to their flexidoxism by publishing stories and social networking. All those that agree she deserves her get and participate vocally or activley are worse then the Nazi collaborators simply because they are helping destroy all Jews from within. They need to all be cut out from the kehila like the cancers they are!!!

      Oreh miklot need to be set up and they need to be quarantined in them so as to stop spreading the flexidox disease.

    4. shawn kenziti please remove the word rasha from your post and resubmit it

  10. Heosfu veagido lachem es asher yikro eschem beachris hayomimDecember 5, 2013 at 5:02 AM

    The sting operation was all about Kidnappings, *Prod Gittins* forced upon helpless husbands, inhumane punishment for extortion purposes, high crimes against humanity, mafia tactics by the scum of the earth. The laundering of the windfall is only a side benefit for the Feds to get back at them. The fish stinks from the head all the way to the tail with everything in between. Those Batei Dinim that you thought yesterday were OK, you now discover that they are in it up to their eyeballs, ein bayis ahser ein shom mess, mess tartei mashma. Dan dinei leatzmei, without listening to the other side is SO prevalent in the most of upper echelons, even after they discover they had been lied to, but thought they will get away with it just because they can. It is time NOW, and HERE to spill all the beans, and let the world know, they are all in it for the money, for the kavod, for the power, just because they can. In some countries the Batei Dinim were found to be whore houses raping women under disguises of Shalom Bayis with ROFL relaxing techniques they've been taught by other ra bonim of which only ended up defending the perpetrator r'l'. Other cult leaders and mushchosim are on the run seeking refuge all over the Globe like rats. Klall yisrael is fed up with bossor neveilos utreifus gid hanoshe with chelev as mehadrin min hamehadrin everyone trying to outdo with their ba'alei machshi(r)lim. You have those menoafim raping young teens as well as eishes ish under degel mishmeres hazn(i)us and under disguise of Torah Therapy, with the backing of so called *gedoilim*, also tartei mashma. Our children are hefker, Molesters rule, protected by these tartei mashma'nikes, if you dare open your mouth they smear you, relieve you of your jobs, disenfranchise you, chase you away from your homes. Why? Just because they can. Bonecho uvnosecho nesunim leam acher ve'einecho ro'os vekolois alehem kol hayom ve'ein loel yodecho. Tzoncho, your shefelach nesunos leoyvecho ve'ein lecho moshia. isha teoress ve-ish acher yishgoleno, bayis tivneh velo seshev bo. Vehoyiso MESHUGO mimareh einecho asher tireh. Veze ahser YIKORE lecho beachris hayomim. All this travesty and big time CHILUL HASHEM is happening because YOU support them, give them good money, sit at their oiven ohn headtables for the kovod hadimyon, and sing and klatch yechi, until it hits you in the face, wake up one day and start smelling the rotten fish. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Mi sheomar leolamo day, yomar letzoroseinu day!

  11. I don't understand why so many people are up in arms over this story but give a pass to people who go to court instead of beis din. Going to court, one is called a rasha , but this blog seems to think its ok if you have right name.

  12. Village Voice?
    The best source of gay hook-ups?
    This is what this Mechubad Olam is commenting on?
    R. Da'at Torah, you can't be serious!

  13. Village Voice = Extreme liberal anti religious sensationalismDecember 5, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    The Village Voice is always happy to throw mud at Rabbis, and Orthodox Jews in general. They can be counted on to produce one sided articles toward those ends.

    You can see how ignorant they are of what they write here when they label giving a get as an oath.

  14. never mind the v voiceDecember 5, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    You will see a long line of ex husbands testifying in court (although gittin psulin), and hear it from the horses mouth. Let the conveyor not distract you from this burning issue. If you care to google it, you can pick your choice of reporters. Back to the Prods!

  15. looks like this issue is spilling over to the medina:

    לפני כשנה וחצי פורסם באתר "כיכר השבת" מקרה מצער וכואב שהסעיר את יהדות ארה"ב כאשר קבוצת בריונים חדרה באישון ליל לביתו של אברך חסידי והוציאה ממנו גט בכפייה, לאחר שעל פי הטענות עיגן את רעייתו במשך שנים רבות.

    מתברר כי מדובר באותו סיפור וכעת מודיע הבעל קבל עם ועדה: "לא גירשתי מעולם את אשתי, הכל היה באונס ולא ברצון ולכן הינה אשת איש ואסור לה להינשא".

    עד מהרה נכנסו בתי הדין לסוגיה ההלכתית כאשר לא מעטים מהם פסקו כי אכן מדובר בגט מעושה שהוצא בכפייה ועל האישה לקבל גט נוסף באם ברצונה להינשא.

    שליחי הבעל טענו בפניהם כי במהלך הוצאת הגט הוא הוכה נמרצות ואיבד את הכרתו ועל כן לא היה יכול לעשות זאת מרצון.

    מנגד, רבני העיר אשדוד חלוקים בדעתם כאשר מחד קובעים דייני בית הדין הישר והטוב כי האישה אסורה להינשא אך מנגד רב העיר הרב חיים פינטו קובע ברורות כי הגט הינו כשר ונעשה כהלכה והנישואין הערב יכולים להתקיים לכתחילה.

    1. This article seems to be saying that Yisroel Briskman's wife is now trying to marry another man:

  16. While the village voice is not a trust worthy rag, I find it interesting that although we recently had the terrible article by that dodelson girl, that the vv is willing to take an anti rabbi Epstein stand. In the days following the post article there seemed to have been an effort to make humane and even heroic what rabbi Epstein was doing. I guess journalism is fickle. I also find it interesting how Jeremy stern throws rabbi Epstein under the bus. While Ora claims it never condones physical violence , I understand that rabbi Epstein and rabbi walmark were good friends of Ora. I guess stern sees the issue here as well. The problem is that after all is said and done the gittin will all have a Shem rah. This will destroy Ora as well. I am not going to say like this blog that these gittin are possul but you will be kind of stupid to think no one else will. As such, Ora is between a rock and a hard place. Personally, I would lay off anyone with strong connections to any federal agencies right now. Going after a congressman's lawyer just doesnt seem like a prudent move for an organization trying to distance itself from questionable activities.

  17. Enough throwing our dirt under the carpet. When issues are ignored, made light of or simply 'shoulder shrugging'....the end result is chaos, violence and huge Chilul Hashem.

    For years, the carpet covered cases of 'Child abuse, sex abuse, kids at risk, elitist schools, rejection of children from yeshivos, agunahs, religious bans, in & out rabbi fighting, gambling and substance abuse' with mental issues as a major cover up. So what do you get from the stuffed carpet,,,oozing issues that can NOT be controlled.

    Let's be MAN enough to deal with issues of the day b'derech hatorah.

  18. Mendel Epstein's BookDecember 5, 2013 at 5:44 PM

    Suggested Guest Post:
    Rabbi Mendel Epstein, the Women's Rights Jewish Law Advocate Addresses A Woman Demanding a Get Without Serious Cause: Part 1. The "Simple Case"

    The recent Village Voice article claims that Rabbi Mendel Epstein was a thug for hire by the highest bidder, representing whoever was willing to pay him the most money, whether the party purchasing his services was a man or woman, the abused or the abuser. The article notes that Rabbi Epstein portrayed himself as devoted to women’s rights, particularly with regard to Jewish Law issues in divorce cases.

    According to the Village Voice: “Epstein, now 68, was known to many in the Orthodox Jewish community as a devoted feminist. … Over three decades he built a reputation for effectively representing women…. Epstein publicly advocated for women's empowerment. In 1989 he published a book, A Woman's Guide to the Get Process, which advised wives on their religiously sanctioned options when seeking divorce. He wrote columns on the subject for the Jewish Press. Earlier this year, he codified his philosophy, unveiling ‘The Bill of Rights of a Jewish Wife.’” The purpose of these publications, Rabbi Epstein wrote, was to “to clarify and strengthen the rights of the Jewish wife because I am disturbed by the number of women who find themselves in unbearably difficult situations.”

    But even writing with the specific purpose of strengthening the rights of women, Rabbi Epstein acknowledges that a woman does not have the right to simply obtain an unconditional get without serious cause, and that destroying a workable marriage, even without monetary complications or children involved, is an inherently destructive action. Furthermore, in order for a woman to receive a get where she has left the marriage without cause, she should have to compensate her husband for the damage she has caused. And, Rabbi Epstein says, in the real world, many cases in the Orthodox community involve women demanding a divorce without serious cause.

  19. Mendel Epstein's BookDecember 5, 2013 at 5:45 PM

    “Although the following is a hypothetical case, dayanim told me that it accurately reflects many true-life situations. Yaakov is a respectable young man from a decent family who marries Leah, also from a good family. They have a beautiful wedding, and everyone on both sides is very happy with the shidduch. People remark that the match was made in heaven. Six months after the wedding, Leah asks for a get. She openly tells the dayanim that she has no serious complaints against Yaakov. He is a fine man. He's not a miser. His family is pleasant to her, and he is pleasant to her family. He has no major deficiencies in any area. However, Leah insists that she wants a get because she is bored! Leah thought that there was more to marriage and feels that it was a mistake to have married Yaakov. She admits that he is nice and hard-working and that he loves her, but she cries that she needs more. You may think that this it is a simple case. There are no children, therefore no custody problems. There are no complex money issues to wrangle over, so if Leah doesn't appreciate a decent man, let her go. There is, however one major problem and it is called Yaakov. Although it is true that he now no longer wants a part of Leah, a hurt Yaakov reasons: "I was a decent man. Before I met the spoiled young woman I was a normal bochur, and every mother sought me for her daughter. Today I am a divorced man who is in therapy. She totally destroyed my ego as a man. I have become a bitter person who mistrusts all women. Her family, despite their promises, are slandering me because the real truth would damage their daughter's reputation. My mother has developed high blood-pressure, and my father now goes to a cardiologist because of the pain that this young woman has inflicted upon us. I want to be compensated for the shame and anguish that she has brought upon me and my family."
    I think we can now appreciate the husband's position. What appeared to be a simple case without the usual complications of custody and support is now transformed into a major problem. The dayanim know that since these two people can no longer live together, there should be a get. At the same time they also recognize the validity of Yaakov's claim for compensation. Since Leah is wrongly seeking something from Yaakov, let her pay for it. This seemingly simple case cannot be settled without extensive negotiations and the passage of time to heal some of the bitterness.”
    A Woman’s Guide to the Get Process, Rabbi Mendel Epstein, Page 49-51

    1. My advise to the hypothetical Yaakov: it will do you (not to mention your parents) more good to simply be rid of the idiot woman ASAP. Wash your hands of her, and rebuild your life. In a few years, you can be happily married with a normal woman, and Leah the Idiot will be a very unhappy spinster.

    2. It would depend, If Leah and her family had a modicum of decency, than Yaakov and his family could move on without having to worry about Leah and her family in the future.
      However, if Leah and her family were nasty enough, the likelihood is that they would continue to slander and otherwise harass Yaakov and his family into the future. Yaakov's giving Leah something that she was not entitled to would, instead of causing Leah and her family to forget about Yaakov and move on, incite Leah and her family to intensify their slander of Yaakov. Giving in to bullies and aggressors generally only results in more bullying and aggression.
      This is something that Yaakov would have to be particularly concerned about if Leah's family were wealthy and very well-connected to influential rabbis who feel indebted to Leah's family..

  20. Mendel Epstein's BookDecember 5, 2013 at 8:29 PM

    Suggested Guest Post:

    Rabbi Mendel Epstein, the Women's Rights Jewish Law Advocate Addresses A Woman Demanding a Get Without Serious Cause: Part 2. Child Custody

    A Woman’s Guide to the Get Process, Rabbi Mendel Epstein, Pages 51-52

    "Fault plays a key role in the awarding of custodial rights and monetary settlement. If a woman is not justified in seeking a get, than the attitude of the beth din may be to recommend to the husband that he give a get, since she adamantly refuses to stay with him. However, she is not entitled to any money other than her own money. If there is no justification for her seeking a get, than there is a strong possibility that the husband will be awarded custody unless he can prove him incompetent. Many women are puzzled by what they construe as a harsh attitude. “After all,” they say, “these are my children, whom I suffered with and carried for nine months. Why should custody be affected just because I don't want to stay with him? The answer, which may shock some women, is that they are his children as well. By awarding the children to the wife, the husband is being deprived of them. Since there is no reason for breaking up the family, it would be wrong to take the children away from him."

    1. Sequel, here's a better question: Now that the world knows what REALLY was driving this twisted, ego-driven, greedy old man, what exactly are we to make of these quotes?

      Perhaps whoever posted these quotes can now turn to the pages of Mein Kampf and choose some appropriate snippets of 'wisdom' to share with the oilam.

    2. torah shebaal peh i ata reshai lekosvom biksavDecember 6, 2013 at 8:02 PM

      These rules he quotes are the written rules , but the unwritten rules or shall we say mendel's to rah shebaal pe is in masechet PRODIM hane'elom. It will be in full display I'Y'H in the courtroom, together with all the participants of the goon squad, bimhera didan amen.

  21. To the above poster "Mendel Epstein's Book":

    What is the point you are trying to make? What is your position or feelings on this issue?

  22. Haskama from WolmarkDecember 6, 2013 at 4:27 AM

    Haskama for Rabbi Epstein's book from Rabbi Mordechai Womark, aka Martin Wolmark, Rabbi Epstein's alleged partner in crime.

    "After reading the manuscript carefully in its entirety, I was overwhelmed by its comprehensive yet succinct discussion of the complex topic of Jewish divorce. The sefer is not only a compilation of all the dinim which are correct lahalacha..."

    1. Shtei preidos haboim ke'echod ve'in melamdinDecember 6, 2013 at 8:08 PM

      It is like kisvei minim ve'ein korim bohem, vedinah bisreifo.

  23. Where can i see his justification for his gittin? Is his kuntres available online?

    1. It's available from Amazon.

    2. Or Eichelr's:

    3. Posrim hoyu, aval lo leparohDecember 6, 2013 at 8:18 PM

      You will see it in the court, as he will try to justify to the FEDS if he only can.

  24. Excuse me, Dave, but you're being irresponsible.

    There is no way that another nickel of Jewish money should go towards this evil man's coffers. I would hope Eichler's no longer sells this criminal's twisted writings; I would hope that no one would purchase a single copy ever again.

  25. Maybe ask the blogmaster to make a campaign to keep the klal from purchasing another book from this naval gamur b'reshus ha'Torah

  26. can anyone volunteer to update where things are up to. There has to be someone that knows who to get in touch with. Be'emet, we are waiting bekilyon einayim, ulemitzvo godol yechoshev.

  27. Suggested new post:

    The Village Voice reporter who recently wrote a story on Rabbi Mendel Epstein posted online some of the court documents from Rabbi Avraham Rubin’s civil lawsuit against Rabbis Belsky, Wolmark, Epstein, and Ralbag, Jay “Yaakov” Goldstein, and others, for their roles in the kidnapping and beating of Rabbi Rubin.

    Page 17 – 20 has transcripts from a telephone conversation with Rabbi Belsky in which Rabbi Belsky admits that he ordered that Rabbi Avraham Rubin should be subject to kfiyah bshotim (coercion with the use of force).

    Pages 21 – 26 has transcripts from a telephone conversation with Jay “Yaakov” Goldstein in which he describes participating in the attack on Rabbi Avraham Rubin.

    One of the documents posted online is an affidavit by Michael Vecchione, the prosecutor who was in charge of the case, which the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, left by DA Joe Hynes, refused to prosecute. Interestingly, Michael Vecchione has also been involved in other cases in which DA Hynes has refused to prosecute politically-connected Orthodox Jews who committed crimes against other Orthodox Jews. For example, see these posts on Frumfollies and Daas Torah:

  28. and justice shall be servedDecember 13, 2013 at 5:51 PM

    yovo baal hashor veyaamid al shoioro.

  29. לוח פנקס בית דין צדק "שמרו משפט"
    מסמך 1026 בלום-האכהייזר
    הכרזת הבית דין על פסלנות הגט שהאשה "צירל בלום" בלונדאן היא עוד אשת איש גמורה.
    Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Kaufman panel
    שלח נא אי-מאיל - וב"מסז'ץ
    מסמך 1026

  30. Kaufman ,Shlomo Zalman Of R Chaim flohr's bais din is part of this whole problem and a very dangerous place to go , he requires you to sign an arbitration agreement that hands over all your power in all matters to his sole decision, He is known to be CRUEL..STAY AWAY.
    Rabbi Flohr should also not practice Law as They Both don't have any Shimish., None at all Not him and not reb Chaim flohr , running/funding a Kolel is not enough ., I challenge Them both to agree to a Public 'Farher' (test)of 100 Questions The results to be published online!!!
    They will never agree!!!!
    they have done terrible damage to the monsey community.stay away from them ...Run A MILE.

  31. Its Much worse then that! When you go to Shlomo Zalman Kaufman an R Chaim Flohr /Gold even if you are talking about counseling ... you must sign a four page Arbitration Doc Created by tricky Lawyers...Don't!

    Kaufman does not allow you to appeal any where not in bais din or Court and no' Mehaichon Dontonu' , no explanation not even once.
    If you then take him to court you must undertake to pay all his costs of his defense !

    Also he can make any kind of compromise he sees fit even if it is unworkable and lopsided.
    Even if on any matter already decided and you won!...
    he can now revisit and decide and change it.... He has all the power . Be Warned.
    No matter what he will never change his lopsided view even when confronted with enormous proof that he erred .no recourse !!! He doesn't care one drop.
    There is serous talk in Monsey about his removal,
    Imagine a true innovative reformed forward thinking Maverick Beth Din ...for Malochim!
    Is This How our Fathers and Zeidas acted in the Shtetel?
    Where did we ever see such Hanhogah?
    By which Dayan of the previous Generation? Reb Moshe,Rav Henkin < The Holy Marsham In Galicia?


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