Friday, December 13, 2013

Rabbis Epstein Wolmark Belsky alleged beating of Rabbi Rubin:Village Voice documents

Guest Post from OutragedDecember 13, 2013 at 4:49 AM

The Village Voice reporter who recently wrote a story on Rabbi Mendel Epstein posted online some of the  court documents  from Rabbi Avraham Rubin’s civil lawsuit against Rabbis Belsky, Wolmark, Epstein, and Ralbag, Jay “Yaakov” Goldstein, and others, for their roles in the kidnapping and beating of Rabbi Rubin.

Page 17 – 20 has transcripts from a telephone conversation with Rabbi Belsky in which Rabbi Belsky admits that he ordered that Rabbi Avraham Rubin should be subject to kfiyah bshotim (coercion with the use of force).

Pages 21 – 26 has transcripts from a telephone conversation with Jay “Yaakov” Goldstein in which he describes participating in the attack on Rabbi Avraham Rubin.

One of the documents posted online is an affidavit by Michael Vecchione, the prosecutor who was in charge of the case, which the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, left by DA Joe Hynes, refused to prosecute. Interestingly, Michael Vecchione has also been involved in other cases in which DA Hynes has refused to prosecute politically-connected Orthodox Jews who committed crimes against other Orthodox Jews. For example, see these posts on Frumfollies and Daas Torah:


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  4. One thing before you get all excited here. Some of the names in these documents are well known mishegoyim to anyone who is over the age of 50 & from boro park. Before taking their word as gospel consider that.

    1. Sofit: Please be specific who is a meshugana and why you think he or they are meshuga. Not just that is is supposedly "well known".

    2. Sofit, please be specific who is a meshugana and why you think he or they are meshuga. Not just that it is supposedly "well known".

    3. I don't need to. Ask anyone from Boro Park who wasn't part of the Kat Biryonim who flaunted R Moshe's Psak regarding Chilul Shabbos on the streets of boro park, & you'll hear what I mean.

  5. Ele BORECHEV v'eile baPRODIMDecember 13, 2013 at 4:23 PM

    Do the Prods used for the kfiyas haget have the same hechsher as the ones used for the 5 Ton Bulls forcing the meat to be Kosher mehadrin min hamehadrin?

    If the psak din was for Alim veshotim, where in the Halacha is it ever mentioned that electric shocks is nichlall in Alim veshotim? Just because it is in a shape of a Rod which is only lemaris ayin, but isn't it the unbearable inhumane electric shock that does the job? Or the shocks are botel beshishim of the makos retzach koshos veachzoriyos as exhibited seen and in the picture, that makes it conform to the psak, ?
    Is this the same Prod that gives the hechsher for dohany meat products as well?
    Do they put Triangle K shaped tapes where the Prod meets the flesh for kashrus purposes as simonei milsa b'Tlosei Karnosei ? If so, then why not call it The multitasking MAGIC WAND that can make many wonders, similar to the one that was able to squeeze water even from a stone. That truly is mighty powerful stuff. It is even Politically correct, it doesn't discriminate between human or bovine meat.

    Uhmmm... yes, Just one more thing, how is Waterboarding nichlal in kfiyas alim veshotim? Shall we say, mayim mayim ligzeira shoveh, since makeh bemakel brought mayim lerochtzo kmo shekosuv, Al hasela hoch hoch vayetzu mayim, then it is also fully compliant to Halacha. So much for machshirei mitzva Prodim dePreidos behechsher Kosher Kosher, Bosser Bosser. Ayyy.... Vos tit men nisht fir Parnosse?

  6. It should be noted that Amsel and Co. are old antagonists to R. Belsky, which colors and taints what they claim.

    1. Whether what Rabbi Amsel claims is "tainted" depends on the reasons for his antagonism against Rabbi Belsky, doesn't it? Someone can be disliked for very good reasons. Care to say more?

  7. Amsel is from the Hungarian community of Boro Park, who have longstanding antipathy to R. Belsky and those of his background. You see that in how he discusses the BP eruv controversy in his deposition, making it sound like R. Belsky is some kind of villain for expressing opposition to it, as if he was the only opposer. In reality, others strongly oppose(d) it as well. He is targeting R. Belsky because he knows that he is a giant and hence a giant obstacle to his types. His slinging all the mud at R. Belsky is analogous to jealous midgets throwing the kitchen sink while trying to pull down a giant they cannot compete with due to his towering stature.

    Just because allegations are made, doesn't mean that they are true. Some people are skilled at lying. Think for a minute - did you ever hear of this Rabbi Amsel before? What is he known for, if anything? What occupies him today? Ask yourself how credible he is. Does his Yeshiva still exist? Where/who are his students?

  8. Let's face the reality. Yes, others opposed, and still oppose, the eiruv. Even strongly. Yet, none went and publicly called rav Yechezkal Roth the type of names Rabbi Belsky did.

    Does Rabbi Belsky get emotional and lose himself?
    Was rabbi Belsky very close to Medel Epstein?
    Did rabbi Belsky keep Mendel in high esteem?
    Did rabbi Belsky go "over-the-top", shout, threaten and blast a person for daring to refer to Mendel - thug-in-chief - Epstein "disrespectfully"?

    An honest answer would be appreciated.


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