Monday, December 16, 2013

Stanley Levitt: Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer's letter to take proper precautions

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Subject: Important Information!

The letter below (language is below - PDF document with picture is attached)  was originally sent by the Rav to all Rabanim of the city in August of 2012.   

As Zusia Levitt davens in our Shul, the Rav wants all of us to take the proper precautions.  Never let a child be alone with him in any circumstance.

17 Av, 5772
August 5, 2012

Lichvod Rabbanim Chashuvim, shlit”a,

Stanley (Zusia) Levitt – pictured below – has faced multiple accusations that he molested young children in both Philadelphia and Boston.

He recently pled guilty to some of these charges.  This of course warrants our being cautious about him.

As such, I am sending you this letter with his picture.  If you should see him in your shul I would encourage you to take steps to inform your congregants in order to ensure communal safety.

Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer


  1. When I was a kid in sleep-away yeshiva in the 80s this guy would come to visit me all the time. I just thought he was a friendly guy and didn't think anything of it, until me father told me that I was to stay away from him.

  2. Is the picture of Levitt or of Rabbi Hopfer?


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