Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winds of change: Meet new MK Ayelet Shaked

Guest post from RaP The next Knesset is going to have 53 new members, and they are educated, sophisticated and many are accomplished social activists and have big hearts with great dreams for the success of the Jewish people.

Mercifully, the wild-eyed Amnon Yitzhak has been kept out of the Knesset, but there will be saner Jewish voices preaching traditional Jewish values from some very unlikely sources, such as from Knesset newcomer the dynamic Ayelet Shaked (born 1976) a symbol of the "winds of change" that will blow in the new Knesset.

She is a leader in Naftali Bennett's Bayit HaYehudi party that is trying to be a more open version of the old National Religious Party. She is not frum but respects the religious. Her guide is former IDF chief rabbi Ronsky. See the fascinating interview with her at     "An Interview With Ayelet Shaked - ..." (Algemeiner, August 16, 2012) and best of all watch her talk for four minutes as she gets a prize for her views about the problems with the Israeli media:

(4 minutes. In Hebrew with English sub-titles)

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  1. RAP: "Mercifully, the wild-eyed Amnon Yitzhak has been kept out of the Knesset..."

    Are you an eye specialist on "wild eyes"?

    Just a point of information regarding the recent Israelu elections, R' Amnon Yitzhak was never in the running for the Knesset! He did lend his name to a new Knesset list, and campaigned for it. However he had no intent of becoming a Knesset member.


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