Monday, January 14, 2013

"Rabbi" used courts to force his sons into Chareidi school

With a soft smile and two young boys in tow, a mild-mannered Moshe Aryeh Friedman appeared undeserving of his reputation as the scourge of the local haredi ultra-Orthodox community as he walked his sons to school on Monday.

Until, that is, he led them straight into Benoth Jerusalem, a girls-only public school that was forced by a judge to admit Friedman's boys on the grounds that Belgian schools cannot discriminate on the basis of gender.

In the haredi community, gender segregation is the norm, and Friedman's push for admission is considered so sensitive that Belgian police assigned an escort, lest the Friedman boys be attacked upon their arrival.

“This is a fascinating development in our society,” Friedman told the 15 or so Belgian journalists who had turned out to see his sons - Jacob, 11, and Josef, 7 - attend their new school. “Finally boys and girls can study together, ending centuries of discrimination.” [....]


  1. Please please please remove the apostrophe in the title from the word "son's". This momentarily blinded me. I gotta go drink a cup of java and have a smoke.

  2. What's the whole point of this!?!

  3. What's his definition of discrimination?
    What right does he have to mess up his boys like this, making them societal misfits?
    Why does he dress and pretend to be haredi while publicly bucking traditions?

  4. Would he say it's discriminatory to keep men out of women's restrooms, separate swimming, women's mikve etc.?

  5. It's obvious that the father's comments were made tongue in cheek.

    He too, would like to see his boys raised normally in a regular boys school. But after being refused entry by all the schools in town, he opted to try to force their hand.

    Let's see how this plays out. What goes around comes around.


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