Friday, January 25, 2013

Weberman case: Satmar raising $1 million for Dershowitz appeal

BHOL   After the verdict yesterday (Tuesday) which sent Nehemiah Weberman to prison for rest of his life, Satmar went out on an operation to recruit huge donations for funding his court case.

The Brooklyn Court sent Weberman to serve 103 years in prison and under the heading "Redemption of Prisoners", Satmar chassidus is trying to recruit a total of a million dollars to appeal against the decision.

The goal is to harness for the appeal the senior lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who is signed on some spinning legal successes in the United States.


  1. If just one of those other 15 victims would come forward, the million could be put to better use and would ensure that 'the.rapist' gets jail time.

  2. There seems to be a misunderstanding on the part of victim rights advocates.Obviously,everybody should be in favor of protecting children.But whenever there is any talk of providing a defense for somebody who has not yet been convicted or an appeal(I am not referring to Weberman) they go bonkers.Not everybody who is accused of a crime is guilty.
    Despite the fact that Weberman has been found guilty the state of our jury system in New York City deserves to be mentioned.Jews involved in both civil and criminal litigation will not get a "fair shake".Often times,white people don't get a "fair shake" with New York juries.Not every person accused is guilty.Why is their no sympathy for them?As I have read through the posts there seems to me to be a rush to convict.
    103 years?A killer gets 25 years in jail.50 years 75 or 80 years would seems extreme.When dealing with an animal like Weberman if he knows he will get 103 years he might,Chas VeShalom want to do worse.He will get the same sentence as a murderer anyway.How often do we see rapists and other criminals including thieves killing their victims to hide evidence by getting rid of a witness.With a thirty five year sentence he would die in jail anyway.While victims advocates celebrate this the Jew haters have a different motive and they celebrate together.How ironic!

    1. i think that weberman was very ill served by his own defense fund. Without the money, he would have taken the 5-year plead deal, better than the 45-103 he got after the trial...

  3. Has Dershowitz even agreed to take on the case? I would think that to be unlikely.

  4. Has Dershowitz even agreed to take on the case? That seems unlikely.

  5. At least they realize there is no chance of getting Dershowitz to do the case for them pro bono.

  6. If they say so it might be.Remember ,Dershowitz attended one of the hearings during the trial.The best appeals lawyer in America won't come cheap.I bet it is true.

  7. As usual, the Blatt of Sodom and Amora will stick up for the molestor and publish long rants about the injustice of the system...

  8. The long rants seeem to be from accusers who were not believed.I think the problem goes like this.People who were hurt in the worst ways were not believed in the past.They sought to change the situation to one in which they would be believed.In their David vs.Goliath battle the evil person had power has the youngster had none.And the climate and laws have been changed.What victims advocates do not want to acknowledge is that not every person accused is guilty.Some of the kids,a minority realize that they can get somebody in trouble by making an accusation with no price to pay.It is not always sexual in nature.It could be hitting or scaring.This is the truth.It should not mean we don't believe the accuser but it does mean that the accused has the right to have any charges investigated.Also,I am not only speaking about Jews but American society in general.I believe allegations should be investigated.What is wrong with that?


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