Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Religious Exemption When It Comes to Abuse

NYTimes   Just as we think we know what an abuser looks like, we think we know what an abusive religious community looks like. We may think it is highly insular — like the Satmar Hasidic community in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, a prominent member of which was convicted last month of sexually abusing a young girl sent to him for help. Or it is hierarchical and bureaucratic: if the Roman Catholic Church did not have so many bishops and archbishops who refused to dismiss or defrock molesters in their ranks, would so many pedophile priests have been able to carry on for so long? 

But we don’t know a thing. Consider Yeshiva University.

As Paul Berger reported last month in the Jewish newspaper The Forward, two rabbis at the Modern Orthodox high school run by the university were accused of sexually abusing students in the 1970s and ’80s. Leaders, Mr. Berger wrote, responded by “quietly allowing them to leave and find jobs elsewhere.” The university president at the time, Norman Lamm — until last month a titan of contemporary Judaism — told Mr. Berger that he had let the staff members “go quietly.”

“It was not our intention or position to destroy a person without further inquiry,” Dr. Lamm said.  [...]


  1. Where is Yosef Belau now? Why has he gone suddenly quiet when the sex abuse is coming from Y.U.?

    Shades of Rabbi Baruch Lanner, anyone?

  2. Rabbi Mordechai Gifter and Rabbi Elya Svei were correct about Dr. Lamm.

  3. Although Rabbi Blau is a big advocate for reporting abuse, he also a holder of many secrets. And a consummate politician.
    Once advised a American Law enforcement agency to develop a relationship with Rabbi Blau. Je could explain the in and out of Modern Orthodox and Charedei Judaism,name the players, familial relationships etc etc. And once again Rabbi Blau is aware of the dusty spider web of secrets surrounding the seemier side of YU and the Jewish community.
    I instructed my lawyer that if we reach the time of subpoenas , subpoena Rabbi Blau for a deposition and be prepared for a couple of days work.

    BTW folks if you were abused at YU don't go running to speak to Richard Joel.. There outreach at this point is about protecting YU.
    When they talk about a risk mitigation consults what they are really saying let's gather as much info as we can. Let's see what it would cost if we went to trial or perhaps we are better off to settle out of court but with privacy agreements. It is about money. They know of gorgeous George amd Macy Gordon. , but do they know about who abused me?

    I actually trust my lawyer to tell me when to run and grab a direct settlement. Otherwise I won't give YU free information now.

  4. Jewish Law and the Tragedy of Sexual Abuse of Children
    – The Dilemma within the Orthodox Jewish Community
    Steven H. Resnicoff* suggest everyone read this article RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG


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