Tuesday, January 8, 2013

State: Draft of charedim too expensive for IDF

YNET  In brief filed with High Court over petitions demanding the immediate draft of yeshiva boys State argues that expanding current draft 'is not feasible'; will strain IDF's resources and may impede primary missions

In the brief, obtained by Ynet, the State said that the complex preparations required from the IDF ahead of the draft strains the military's current resources and that a larger draft "is not feasible and will hurt the military."

The State argues that a universal draft will force the IDF to invest considerable funds in infrastructure which most likely will be rendered useless within a short while.

The brief explained that Tal Law stated a draft goal of 2,400 haredim by 2015; but the military now has to induct 19,500 ultra-Orthodox recruits in the same time period. [...]

Absorbing such numbers into the military required the IDF to build more dedicated bases, so to accommodate the haredi soldiers' demand for the separation of men and women, as well as create new men-only battalions, for the same reason.

Another challenge, according to the State, is the IDF's own ability to screen haredi candidates – a process which also mandates the formation of all-male teams in every level of the induction bases: interviewers, doctors, placement coordinators and so on.


  1. I could make it even cheaper.
    Either the Jewish citizen of Israel, regardless of background, shows up for army duty or he forfeits any health coverage, welfare payments, access to the job market etc. until he does.

  2. To Mighty: Why only the Jewish citizens? Are you discriminating against Jews by making them serve in the Army while letting Arabs off without serving?
    Are you go to take benefits away from people who are handicapped or cannot serve for other health reasons? What about those who are conscientious objectors?
    As for denying health coverage - I pay for health coverage. I pay a considerable amount. Health coverage is a business.
    As for denying job opportunities - once upon a time, people who did not serve in the Army had a hard time getting a job, because NO ONE would hire them, not due to any legislation. However, the average secular Israeli doesn't really care about the Army. See the statistics on the non-religious draft dodgers in this country.
    So all in all, your statement is racist and foolish.
    BTW - I served and volunteered to stay in the Reserves 8 years longer than I had to.


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