Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Disgusting Chilul HaShem! Spitting on a 7 year old girl

The latest battleground in Israel’s struggle over religious extremism covers little more than a square mile of this Jewish city situated between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and it has the unexpected public face of a blond, bespectacled second-grade girl. 

She is Naama Margolese, 8, the daughter of American immigrants who are observant modern Orthodox Jews. An Israeli weekend television program told the story of how Naama had become terrified of walking to her elementary school here after ultra-Orthodox men spit on her, insulted her and called her a prostitute because her modest dress did not adhere exactly to their more rigorous dress code.  

The country was outraged. Naama’s picture has appeared on the front pages of all the major Israeli newspapers. While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Sunday that “Israel is a democratic, Western, liberal state” and pledged that “the public sphere in Israel will be open and safe for all,” there have been days of confrontation at focal points of friction here.


  1. The fanatics have also thrown garbage at Rav Elyashev shlita for his "crime" of once holding a Rabbanut job.

  2. "this is an extremist group", OK. Who is teir Rabbi/Rebbe/Rav? Why does not anybody ask him if the supports this Chilul HaShem?

  3. These people make me sick and embarrassed to be Jewish.

    Of course though it's not all charedim...

    Ohhh veyyy....

  4. The fanatics spit on 7 year old girls, because nobody does anything about it.

    That's the plain and simple truth.

  5. Rabboysei,

    You may remember me as one of the characters who Failed Shmarya prevents from posting on his blog because I make him sweat when I shlog up his lies against Torah umitzvos in a way that he has no words except to call me all kinds of nasty names.

    I have not been actively blogging for a long time and somehow missed a blockbuster story that was broken in 2011 by Ben Atlas. First a little about Ben Atlas. He is a brilliant architect who graduated Pratt who has designed important landmarks like the Harvard conservatory. He officially stopped blogging less than a week ago. He is a former BT back off the derech, who like Shmarya once experimented with Lubavitch. He learned in Morristown for a while and may have been there long enough to get semicha. Unlike Shmarya, he works for a living so that he does not have to shnorr from people.

    Shmarya has always been very secretive about his private life, except the odd time that he would throw out a tidbit, which igluai milsa lemafraya has been part of his pattern of lies and deception.

    Shmarya recently wrote a silly story about how his grandfather was turned off from frumkeit because he learned the hard way that bnei Torah are all selfish.

    Selfish? Shmarya's grandfather Leon Gleckman was the murdering and thieving head of the Twins Cities mafia!

    Shmarya may be twisted but at least we now know where he gets his smarts. The Zaydeh was described by the Federal prison psychologist at Fort Leavenworth as being a very aggressive & intelligent Heeb.

    Shmarya rarely spoke about his mother. He disappeared for less than a day when she died and was buried earlier this year without a word of it to his readers. On the first day of shiva he was already off the pillowless coach and back writing his blog to attack the singer Moshe Yess on the occasion of his petirah.

    Off the blog, Shmarya tried to solicit donations in his mother's memory to a (surprise surprise) Ethiopian cause. Another blog alleges Shmarya runs that charity and pockets a large part of the proceeds without disclosing it.

    Shmarya is nothing but a pathetic waste of a life who hides his own skeletons by slandering everyone else.

  6. انتفاضة مارسDecember 27, 2011 at 8:13 AM

    This is the 3rd intifada and Naama Margolese is the haredi equivalent of Shalhevet Pass and Yonatan Palmer הי'ד. Rabbi Slifkin already warned of the possibility of a Jewish Kid dies in the hands of Haredi extremists. You think by now Israel know how to handle intifadas and it should nip this one in the bud.

    It should not be very difficult because those haredis are not as have as brave as the Palestinians.

  7. After watchng the video, one no longer wonders why some chilonim hate religious Jews and Judaism. One wonders instead why more don't.

  8. Recipients and PublicityDecember 27, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    Nothing will happen until the LEADERS speak up!!!

    All the guys out on the street acting like thugs and venting are a bunch of zeros. The ONLY ones who count and can make a difference are the Rabbonim and Rebbes who supposedly "lead" these people.

    By their silence and inaction the supposed leaders show that they not only approve of the violent and unacceptable behavior but may well be the ones encouraging, teaching and guiding it.

    It cannot go on forever because at some point they will elicit a counter-reaction on the same scale. True that Charedim have a bad press, but that does not give them any "rights" to act as they see fit when they want to take over neighborhoods, bus-lines, leadership positions or anything else they target.

    These are serious developments.

  9. Thugs and mafiosos amongst the haredim (even though most haredim probably hate what these thugs are doing), are being treated with the same kids-gloves that the Arabs are treated with. Kids-gloves are all the Israeli govt knows when it comes to anything that is not an electoral threat. Arabs and haredim are not an electoral threat so they get the kids gloves. "Settlers" and religious zionists are most certainly a political threat, so they get the jack-boot, even when it is not justified.

    Someone above commented about them knowing how to handle an intifada. LOL. If they knew how to do that, then Rabbi Kahane ZT"L would not have risen meteorically in the election standings just prior to being banned. (He was going to win the third largest party in knesset that year according to polls, if Likud hadn't banned him). He surged in popularity on the national stage largely on the back of Israeli govt inaction on intifada 1.

    Anyway, just as they cannot handle Muslim/Arab dissidents, they are similarly scared to death of these "haredi" ones.

  10. Rabbi Eidensohn,

    I may have missed it, but has Rav Sternbuch put out a public Kol Koreh against the thugs?

    Which Charedi Rabbis have indeed had their views on this matter plastered on walls around Charedi communities?

  11. Here is the Channel 2 program with English subtitles:

  12. I think that the lowlife elements in the Chareidei world only reflect upon a larger and more insidious problem: The fact that for decades now the Chareidei world thinks its okay to live off the backs of hard-working people like me with justifications like "The gov gives money to Arabs/blacks/gays/welfare bums/etc., so why shouldn't they support Toyrah??" has deadened their senses to issues of menshlichkeit.

  13. So at 2:39 we have a so-called religious Jew explaining why it's ok and justified to spit on a little girl. I never thought I'd see something like this. This is truly sick.

    at 5:36 we have a guy saying that in a secular home the woman is treated as a sex symbol. If that were even true, how would he know that?

  14. watch this video of the Bet Shemesh Protest speakers. Then you might rethink this issue before taking sides.

  15. I noticed that it's all Hasidim who are involved. My great grandfather was a Hasid. I never met him but I am told he was the complete opposite of the Hasidim in the video. He would stringent on not insulting anyone to the point of being lenient in kashrus.

    What happened?

  16. Here is an interesting question for you to ask Reb Shternbach

    This week, the island of Samoa is switching time zones, causing it to skip from Thursday directly to Saturday. Out of simple curiosity, what implications might this have on any Jews on the island? Since one cannot "jump" into the middle of Shabbat, does that mean all observant Jews would have to leave the island?


    A big wheel in the Conservative movement, Jack Wertheimer of JTS, is attacking the new big bucks initiative at the UJA to be mekarev intermarried couples.

    Does anyone know if Tom Kaplan might be funding this? Is Kaplan an official of the UJA or the local Federation subsidiary?

  18. Recipients and PublicityDecember 29, 2011 at 8:46 PM

    "Troppenstein's monster said...A big wheel in the Conservative movement, Jack Wertheimer of JTS, is attacking the new big bucks initiative at the UJA to be mekarev intermarried couples.

    Does anyone know if Tom Kaplan might be funding this? Is Kaplan an official of the UJA or the local Federation subsidiary?"

    Thank you "Troppenstein's monster' for touching on an important matter.

    In fact following the revelations of the sex scandal that doomed Leib Tropper's and Tom Kaplan's "EJF" initiative (they lost the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation to the Guma Aguiar side in a legal battle). EJF had an agenda to proselytize the world's intermarrieds and more under the guise of "raising standards" of conversions and bribing rabbis and batei din to work with them. Then Tom Kaplan went a looking for another "Jewish" cause to attach himself to and he chose to get involved in the "92nd Street Y" in Manhattan which is the hub of secular and cultural Judaism in Manhattan. Tom Kaplan donated millions to them and then became PRESIDENT of the 92 Y Board of Directors, see 92 Y Board of Directors. President: Thomas S. Kaplan.

    The 92 Y is a huge beneficiary from the UJA of New York. Top UJA type donors and philanthropists are involved with both the 92 Y and the UJA, and someone like Tom Kaplan would automatically be involved with the top brass at the UJA and would undoubtedly promote his pet agendas. But it's not just Tom Kaplan, because the Reform leadership has long advocated "reaching out" to the non-Jewish spouses of their members. So Reform's version of "kiruv" is to reach out to and convert the non-Jews and it would fit with Toma Kaplan's own visions in this manner.

    By the way, there has been a very mysterious and deafening silence about Leib Tropper and what he has been up to for the latter part of 2011 and he may still be involved with Tom Kaplan on a "silent partner" basis. No one knows for sure of Tom Kaplan and Tropper are still in touch, but one thing is certain, Tom Kaplan would still like to see his vision of saving all the intermarrieds by converting the gentile spouses -- something he worked hard on with Leib Tropper for a long time.

  19. The UJA pushing for acceptance of intermarriage is an old story that predates Tropper although he and Kaplan may have given it new impetus.

    Over 20 years ago, the Executive VP of UJA Canada, Walter Hess, was taking UJA funds to bankroll the fight against "Who's a Jew" legislation in Israel. Hess had a personal agenda as his daughter was marrying a non-Jew. Hess was a South African expat who knew there is no such thing other than a conversion with orthodox standards but the goy would not pass muster unless he went the Conservative route at a Toronto temple. Hess could not live with the fact that his daughter's boyfriend would be rejected by the Rabbanut in Israel.

    Another Canadian Jewish leader who figured out what Hess was doing was infuriated that charity money was being squandered on Hess's say so. He announced he would never give the UJA another cent and encouraged everyone he knew to do the same.


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