Thursday, December 15, 2011

2 NJ day schools accuse female teacher of "inappropriate sexual contact"

Two New Jersey Jewish schools have announced that a teacher they formerly employed had “inappropriate sexual contact” with student.

Both the Torah Academy of Bergen County, in Teaneck, and the Jewish Educational Center, in Elizabeth, sent out letters informing their parent bodies that they had recently been informed of the incidents of sexual contact with the teacher, who is female. The incidents had occurred prior to this year.

The schools indicated that they immediately contacted the police, who opened investigations.


  1. One of the YU newspapers just published a disgusting first person description from a Stern College girl who was mezaneh with a YU bochur in a hotel room. She does not say if she at least went to mikvah. She later told a Jewish press service that she and the bochur both used contraception and that YU offers counseling on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases if asked and are "not judgemental" about it.

    The story got major coverage in the NY Times and Wall St Journal.

    YU and it's rabbonim are refusing to criticize it because they do not want to appear to go against free speech and other Liberal -isms. Didn't R' Elchonon say that all the post-WWI -isms are avoidah zarah mamash? The new YU spokesman is Mayer Fertig, who was dumped a year ago as editor of the Jewish Star newspaper. He put out the official YU statement that they are both a yeshiva and a secular university, whatever that means, and therefore will not interfere.

    60% of students polled were upset about the prustkeit and several editors and writers quit the student newspaper. The student council pulled their funding so the newspaper continues without the $500 a year from the council. All without one word of protest from the YU "leadership".

    YU recently looked stupid in the gay male "kiddushin" conducted by their openly gay musmach Steve Greenberg. YU refuses to revoke his semicha in case they get sued. 100 YU rabbis from Hershel Shlechter on down signed a pathetic kol koirei that gay marriage has no place in orthodox Judaism. One kluggeh pundit asked if they will next issue a proclamation that eating cheeseburgers is also a violation of halachic precepts.

  2. At least in YU the contact was heterosexual contact between two consenting adult, unlike the situation in Torah Temima , Tehila L'Dovid, Ner Yisrael to mention only few where the contact was non consented homosexual contact between an adult and a child.

  3. YU has had its share of pedophilia. There was a long time molester in their MTA high school and a modern orthodox version of Pirchei under YU auspices had a counselor molesting little kids. This was covered up at very high levels.


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