Sunday, December 25, 2011

Har Nof Pedophile: Rav Sternbuch's Psak

Rav Sternbuch's gabbai sent me the following clarification:

The Rav told me to publicise in his name that he has not allowed any chillul Shabbos midaorayso, the Rav feels that if there is no issur Torah it is allowed what is absolutely necessary as this is a tzorah drabim, this does not include taking photos . The rav has never allowed going around with a telephone and camera on Shabbos, in special situations a rav must be consulted. 

Rafoel Rechnitzer
I also confirmed with Rav Treibitz that he gave a heter [for those who had seem him] to call the police on Shabbos and to carry a camera on Shabbos to take his picture because the police said that if they knew what he looked like they would surely catch him. He told me that unfortunately there have been a number of victims already.



  2. A couple of questions:
    1) Did Rav Sternbuch also issue this psak as is being reported?

    2) Does Rav Treibitz realize that is is being circulated as a blanket heter to carry cameras and phones on Shabbat?

  3. Why davka on Shabbos? He's only around then?

    I have heard that one of the Mothers that her children were victims in the Nachlot case (that is working very hard in all aspects of the case -- dealing with the investigation and that side, the care of the children, etc.) She has discovered MANY incidents that have occured outside of Nachlot in other Frum neighborhoods in Yerushalayim. Many children of course didn't come forward or their parents didn't say anything. She is now working on getting these people help, made aware, getting people to come forward, etc.

    What she has discovered is a lot more than what's being publicized. I suppose in due time it'll become more known.

  4. Mrs. Eva Rubin was a teacher at Shulamis girls school in Brooklyn and Yeshiva Merkaz on S.I.. She was murdered by her long time husband Arthur Rubin at home in the Willowbrook section. They were arguing over how much spending money she could have when he strangled her to death on erev Pesach.

    This is a picture of Arthur.

    Rubin called the rov of Young Israel of Staten Island Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield & head of the local Vaad Hakashrus. He came down to the house and called Hatzolah. There were bruises and marks around Eva's neck but they did not call the police for 75 minutes. Rubin then drove off and tried to commit suicide by slitting his own wrists and stabbing himself in the chest. He survived the wounds. When Rubin escaped, he first drove all the way to Home Depot in Monticello and bought some rat poison. He immediately drove all the way back to Staten Is. but chickened out from ingesting it and decided to knife himself instead.

    Rubin was the official photographer of both the Young Israel & Hatzolah.

    After the 75 minutes, Hatzolah was afraid to call the cops themselves so they called Misaskim who had Port Authority Police chaplain Rabbi Jack Mayer call someone high up in the NYPD.

    Why did it take so long to call the police in which time the killer escaped thus putting other people at risk?

    Was Hatzolah posek R' Dovid Cohen consulted?

  5. I won't ask if this is a "frum" person..Rather I will ask if it's someone from "inside" the community or from "outside".

  6. When life is in danger, you have a blanket heter to violate shabbos.

    I know a lady whose husband became unconscious; she asked around for a heter before she called 911. This lady isn't very intelligent.

    It should be clearly taught to everyone, including not so bright people like this lady, that you don't need to get explicit permission from a rabbi to violate the shabbos when life is in danger.

  7. "any chillul Shabbos midaorayso....The rav has never allowed going around with a telephone and camera on Shabbos"

    Is taking a picture with a digital camera considered a d'orasia melacha?

  8. Yasher Koach to Rabbi Triebitz for trying to protect potential victims.

  9. To "Staten Island": Rav Dovid Cohen is teh posek for Flatybush Hatzalah, I believe Rabbi Lehrfeld is teh Rav of Staten Island Hatzalah.


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