Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chareidim order woman to sit in back of public bus - she refuses

 Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz on Sunday ordered an official investigation into an incident in which a young woman was told to sit in the back of a bus driving from Ashdod to Jerusalem due to haredi protest.

The incident happened on Friday when Tanya Rosenblit, 28, was on Egged bus 451. "I dressed modestly and tried to keep a low profile, but I could tell something strange was going on," she told Yedioth Ahronoth. 

"I could tell that the other passengers were looking at me with disdain. One of them yelled 'Shiksa' at me and demanded I move to the back of the bus, because Jewish men can't sit behind a woman."


  1. In a civilized country the idiot male who was refusing to let the bus go would have been arrested. In Israel the woman is told to move to the back.
    Kol hakavod to her for not budging.

  2. I'm a baal teshuva who sees the Torah lifestyle as a superior lifestyle...when it is actually followed.

    What I read in the news about Charedim ordering women to sit in the back is the behavior of a bunch of spoiled, unworldly, clueless, ignorant people who have nothing to do with the Torah lifestyle.

  3. Haredim are simply caught in the madness of ever seeking new restrictions and ways to persecute others. So the Hardal Rabbi who suggests that it is now "y'harog v lo y'avor" on listening to women singing is another step along the path of madness.

  4. Eddie,

    What is the reason for all of this madness?

    My guess is that it is simply because they are bored. If they had jobs, they wouldn't be concerned with such nonsense. Life is not challenging when you are only expected to learn in yeshiva for your whole life and are discouraged from working for a living. So you make challenges for yourself by seeking new restrictions.

    When you see that the rest of the world doesn't give a darn about your new restrictions, you try to make them notice by trying to force them to adopt your restrictions.

  5. why don't you mention this bus is mahadrin for months ...she only wanted her picture in the paper

  6. she was also taking 2 seats which has the din of gezel...

  7. Betzalel,

    I agree - but would emphasize more the cult of looking for new chumras. Perhaps this is a way of justifying an unhealthy lifestyle.


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