Monday, December 5, 2011

Bus service restored in Mea Shearim - with police protection - in war with Sikrikim

Bus service was restored last week to Jerusalem's Mea She'arim after a hiatus of nearly two years, in which there was no public transportation within the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. The Egged bus cooperative had halted service due to ongoing sabotage and violence by a group of religious extremists known as the Sicarii; they threw rocks and bottles at passing buses and punctured their tires.

The Sicarii say their motives are religious: They say the "immodest" advertisements on the sides and backs of the buses, as well as the failure to impose gender segregation among passengers, offends them.


  1. The Sicarii say their motives are religious:

    Perhaps this essay might partly explain where these ideas come from...

  2. Mr. Clinton, surely you're aware the story in question is a classic Chassidic story (the point being that a Rebbe is moser nafsho for another Jew's olam haba) and has nothing whatsoever to do with the chareidi agenda.

  3. Er, Really...
    Of course I'm aware it's an old story. A society's attitudes are formed from many subtle influences; well-meaning but flawed stories - of any vintage - being among the most powerful.


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