Sunday, December 4, 2011

Child Abuse: Protecting Children in Jewish community, Dr. Asher Lipner, Zvi Gluck, Prof. Marci Hamilton, Rabbi Yosef Blau , Mark Appel

An important discussion of the major positive changes that have happened in the entire range of Orthodox communities in the last year. Contrary to the previous program which was seriously marred by gratuitous accusations and insults, this one focused on the new programs and initiatives as well as the growing achdus in dealing with the problem.

The panelists of advocates included Dr. Asher Lipner who contributed a chapter to my book on abuse as well as another contributor - Dr. Alison Feit - who called in a comment. Tzvi Gluck also cited my book on child abuse as an authoritative source for Rav Sternbuch's views for a point he made. Rabbi Yosef Blau - mashigach at Y.U. - provided solid insights as a pioneer in dealing with these issues. Prof. Marci Hamilton discussed the legal issues which need to be worked out as well as the legislation which she has been active in. Veteran advocate Mark Appel made a cogent argument for the need for the community to provide greater support for the victims as well as how he has been an active supporter of some of the efforts of the Agudah as well other programs.

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  1. The heading is misleading, "protecting children in the Jewish Community" is not correct.

    It is not a Jewish problem because other streams of Judaism such as the Reforms and the Conservative do not have an issue with that. Child molesters in their community are generally being reported to the police..

    It is not an Orthodox problem because Modern Orthodox and Dati Leumi for most part report molesters in their mist to the police.

    It is haredi problem, where the molesters are receiving Kavod and made local heros while the victim's family has to leave town.


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