Monday, November 24, 2008

Slaps not abuse say 70% of Israeli Arab women -

Haaretz reports:

Some 70 percent of Arab women in Israel believe women who are pushed, slapped or struck by their male partners are not victims of domestic violence, according to a poll conducted by the Na'amat women's organization.

The organization conducted the survey to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Some 73 percent believe women whose partners curse or humiliate them are not victims of violence. [...]


  1. That statistic sounds about right. It is like the old question on what does one say to an Arab woman with a two black eyes?

    The answer is nothing. She has been told twice already.

  2. I have lived in many different places with many different neighbors of different backgrounds.

    While my husband finished grad school; in the apartment next to us was an African American minister, his wife and their four children. He regularly screamed and cursed at his wife, we heard slamming and screaming. She often appeared with bruises.

    On the other side was a woman who had four children with four different fathers. She had a number of regular boyfriends who all beat her. The walls were paper thin so we heard everything. When we called the police in response to her screams, she told them everything was fine.

    Then we moved into an attached brickfront. On one side was a 60 year old Italian longshoreman and other the other side was an Italian family with young children. They both beat and cussed at their wives, their kids and the older man, his grandkids.

    Then to another 3 family, in Brooklyn; across the street was an Italian family; the mother beat the kids, the kids beat each other and the father beat everyone. Every other word out of their mouths was F*** which we heard all day and all night from across the street.

    In our next house we had a Filipino neighbor, the second wife of a wealthy Filippino man (he was a bigamist). He only came around about once a week, but when he did, he usually beat her and her disabled son. I once asked her if she was okay and she told me "yes" this is how he is.

    In Los Angeles our neighbors were 1). an educated professional couple who fought and cursed all the time and on the other side 2). a very high end call girl whose clients often got out of control and abused her.

    In our next house, we moved next door to a very successful Venezuelan business man who lived with his wife, their 2 children and their maid. Our bedroom was 6 feet across an alley from the maids. The man visited the maid often at night and he also beat her regularly. We could hear him abusing his wife and teenaged daughters whenever he drank too. The wife alway wore big dark sunglasses, I am guessing to hide the fact that she was usually sitting on her terrace drinking mixed drinks and also most likely to hide bruises.

    Gentiles are different than Jews.

    Now, let's wonder why we are seeing such an increase of sexual abuse, violence, alcoholism and drugs in the Jewish community.

    Is it because JEWS have changed so much in the past generation, or is it possibly due to the hundreds of thousands (WJC estimate is 200,000 converts to Judaism in the past generation) we have let into our communities and our families?

  3. > Gentiles are different than Jews.

    Yes, when Gentiles are caught beating their wives, they go to jail and are treated with revulsion by their communities.

    When Jews are caught beating their wives, they attempt to hush it up and then they excommunicate anyone who tries to do something about it by calling him a "moser".


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