Monday, November 3, 2008

Arab violence surging - in Israel

Arutz Sheva reports:
( Two Jews were attacked last week in the center of the city of Ramla, in an incident which is part of a growing pattern of Arab-on-Jew violence inside pre-1967 Israel. In the latest incident,two young Arabs started pushing two Jews who were exiting a synagogue,and beat one of them who was on crutches.

According to Rabbi Uriyah Shachor of the Ramla Kollel yeshiva, "It's obvious to us that there is an awakening of a nationalistic drive and this is connected to the situation in the country these days."

Eliezer Shachor, a member of the religious seed community in Ramla, added:"This is a powder keg, in the center of the state of Israel. Everyone knows it, but no one has a serious plan on how to stop it." He also related his own story of Arab violence. On the first night of Sukkot,he said, "a number of Arabs jumped out of a car, ruined my sukkah and ran away."

Religious seed communities are groups of national-religious families that make their homes in mixed Arab-Jewish neighborhoods and front-line towns in order to try and stem the tide of a gradual Arab takeover in the mixed cities, to strengthen the spirit of the Jewish residents and to revive the spirit of Torah and Judaism.

A network of religious seed communities is spreading out throughout Israel. They can be found in Sderot, Ramla, Lod, Yafo (Jaffa), Harish and Akko, to name just some of the locations.


  1. Is this a suprise to anyone?

    Since the Oslo Discord, there have been no Israeli Arabs - only Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.

    When a leftist government is in power and a Jew and Arab get into a dustup in the street, the police show up to arrest the Jew.

    The nationalist sentiment has always been there. It's just they've figured out finally what they will get away with.

  2. This only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. The religious war bt Islam and Judaism is the core fight igniting throughout the world. BEWARE

  3. There are 375 million Arab Muslims in the Middle East and 5.5 million Israelis.

    BTW, there IS no "religious war" between Islam and Judaism. There is a Zionist war between Zionists and Arabs, but this is NOT Judaism and is in fact against the Torah.

    Before World War II all Hasidic rabbis, as well as almost all other prominent Orthodox leaders, believed that G-d had promised to return the Jewish people to the Land of Israel by means of the actions of the Messiah, and that any activity on behalf of the Jews themselves to create or instigate this redemption would be punished.

    The Satmar Rebbe's views on Zionism are in the scholarly work Vayoel Moshe, published in 1958 and in a second book "Al Hageulah V'al Hatamurah" published in 1967.

    Although it was certainly not the only reason for his opinion, one of the core citations from classical Judaic sources cited by the Rebbe for his opposition to modern Zionism was that of the Three Oaths mentioned in the Talmud (Kesuboth 111A) which discusses a passage from the Song of Songs in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) in which G-d made the Israelites promise "to wait for Him before arousing His love":

    "King Solomon in Song of Songs thrice adjured the 'daughters of Jerusalem' not to arouse or bestir the love until it is ready.' The Talmud explains that we are bound by three strong oaths not to ascend to the Holy Land as a group using force, not to rebel against the governments of countries in which we live, and not by our sins, to prolong the coming of Moshiach".

    A variant interpretation of the three oaths has the third oath being that G-d would not allow the non-Jewish world to "excessively" persecute the Jews.

    In VaYoel Moshe the Rebbe explicitly declared that, from the time of the very inception of the Zionist movement in the 1890s, the Zionists violated the three oaths, and thereby caused the Holocaust, as well as all wars, terrorism, and violence in modern Israel, and most anti-Semitism around the world since that time, as a result:

    " has been these Zionist groups that have attracted the Jewish people and have violated the Oath against establishing a Jewish entity before the arrival of the Messiah. It is because of the Zionists that six million Jews were killed."

    In keeping with the three oaths, Satmar Hasidim were strongly opposed to the creation of modern Israel through violence and antagonism against Gentile nations such as the Ottomans and Britain. In the years following the Holocaust, Rabbi Teitelbaum undertook to maintain and strengthen this position, as did many other Torah Jews and communities. Rabbi Teitelbaum declared that the State of Israel was a violation of Jewish teachings. This was both because of the Zionists' violation of the traditional belief that Jews must wait for the Messiah to re-create Israel, and also because its founders included many personalities who were hostile to Orthodox Judaism. Rabbi Teitelbaum believed the creation of the State of Israel, against the oaths described in Ketubot, constituted a form of impatience. In keeping with the Talmud's warnings that impatience for G-d's love and redemption can lead to grave danger, the Satmar Hasidim have often interpreted the constant wars and terrorism in Israel as fulfillment of that prophecy.

    Rabbi Teitelbaum saw his opposition to Zionism as a way of protecting Jewish lives and preventing bloodshed. Most Haredi rabbis may agree with this.

    Only the Messiah can bring about a new Jewish government in the Holy Land, and even if a government declaring itself religious would be formed before the Messiah, it would be illegitimate due to its improper arrogation of power, and it would still pose a danger to Jewish life.

    Torah true Jews view opposition to Zionism as an expression of love of the Holy Land, protecting it from the defilement of bloodshed and war.

  4. > Torah true Jews view opposition to Zionism as an expression of love of the Holy Land, protecting it from the defilement of bloodshed and war.

    JerseyGirl, one of the rules of this blog is to avoid personal attacks and foul language. As a result I can't tell you what I think of your opinion as to who the true Jews are.

  5. Dear Garnel Ironheart,

    If you look at the above post, you will note the quote marks. These words are not mine but quoted from a Wiki article on the Satmar Rebbe.

    So the above comment:

    "one of the rules of this blog is to avoid personal attacks and foul language. As a result I can't tell you what I think of your opinion as to who the true Jews are."

    would be directed not at me but at the Satmar Rebbe ztl whose statements I quoted.

    Here is another quote from the Satmar Rebbe's sefer:

    We must not minimize the seriousness of the grave sin of rejoicing, or appearing to rejoice and making a festival on the terrible Day of Blasphemy, that they call: "Yom Atsmaut" (Israeli Independence Day). The day that the members of the conspiracy against G-d and His Messiah, established their Kingdom of Atheism over the Jewish People, by uprooting the Holy Torah and the Faith. At that time, the shedding of blood of myriad's upon myriad's of Jews began.

    This is much worse than accepting idolatry, because they not only accept it, but celebrate and rejoice in the terrible rebellion against G-d and His Holy Torah. There are many sinners and even deniers of the Faith, whose hearts trouble them, because they are not serving G-d, but they are unable to stand up against temptation and against deceitful ideologies that confuse them. However, those who rejoice in this sin, are guilty of much worse, blasphemy.

    May the Merciful save us from them and from their followers, and strengthen our hearts and enlighten our eyes in His Torah and in His Service.

    May His name be blessed.

    Va'Yoel Moshe, vol 2 chap. 157, by The Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum of Satmar ZT”L

  6. Just one little question, 'jersey girl':
    Do you ever have anything positive or happy to say to/about any other Jew or group - that is, any other than the one you see in the mirror ?

  7. Even more than that, Shloime, who is the Satmar Rebbe that he is the ultimate and only authority on this issue?

    This is the same Satmar rebbe who was rescued from the Holocaust by the terrible Zionists (leaving his flock to perish, mind you). The same Satmar rebbe who actually lived in Israel for a few years as a result before decamping to America. Talk about hakaras panim.

    But more than that...

    What about the Rav Issachar Teichtal who, in Eim Habanim Semeicha, refutes all the Satmar's arguments?

    What about the Derishas Tzion who, before the Satmar was even born, convingly shows al pi halacha that not only a return to Zion but even a potential resumption of the sacrificial service was halachically feasible? (Apparently he didn't know about that Al Aksa thing property development thing)

    I've had this discussion with other close-minded blinkered fanatics whose line is "But that Satmer says..." to which my response is "Who cares?!"

  8. Torah true Jews view opposition to Zionism as an expression of love of the Holy Land, protecting it from the defilement of bloodshed and war.

    I guess you are not including Rav Tzvi Frank, Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer, Rav Kook, & the Gerer Rebbe.


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