Thursday, November 20, 2008

King David's city of Sha'arayim identified

YNet reports

The Elah Fortress excavation, being developed by Foundation Stone under the direction of Professor Yosef Garfinkel, Yigal Yadin Chair of Archeology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has announced the discovery of a second monumental find in as many months.

Archeologists digging at the site have uncovered a second gate to the city. This “two-gate” feature is the only one of its kind found in the Kingdoms of Judah or Israel to date and is understood by Professor Garfinkel as revealing the Biblical name of the city: “Sha’arayim” – literally meaning two gates.

The second gate was discovered in recent weeks as part of ongoing excavations at this site which has already yielded numerous historic finds. The gate faces an easterly direction, towards Jerusalem. Already proven to be a Judean city, this latest find lends further credence to the assumption that it was part of a regional governing system connected to King David. The gate is comprised of massive stones, each weighing about 10 tons, leading archeologists to conclude that the fortification of the city was orchestrated by some form of centralized government.

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