Friday, November 14, 2008

Online tv show for religious kids

Haaretz reports:
When Asi and Tuvia, two yeshiva students at Machon Meir in Jerusalem, finish their Torah studies for the day, they head upstairs to a small TV studio above the yeshiva to produce what has become a major hit among religious children.

What started as a small online TV experiment a few years ago has become a household name for religious Zionist families, many of which don't have televisions.

Asi and Tuvia don't have the intentions or the capabilities to compete with Israel's national children's television station. But their online show has garnered enough affection to have received the nickname "The Rabbi's Pajamas," a play on the name of a wildly popular secular TV show called "The Pajamas".

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  1. Great idea, and maybe of the frum new olim are enjoying these shows also.


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