Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Torah is medicine for soul not body

 Rambam (Avodas Kochavim 11:12) He who delivers a prayer of charm upon a wound and reads also a verse of the Torah thereon, likewise one who reads a Verse so that a babe shall suffer no fear, or who puts a Sepher Torah or phylacteries upon a child so that he might fall asleep, such are not alone included among the enchanters and charmers but are even included among those who deny the Torah, for they are employing the words of the Torah as a cure for the body, whereas they are not so but only remedies for the soul even as it is said: "And they will (shall) be life for thy soul" (Pro. 3.22). But a normally healthy person who reads Verses of the Torah or chapters of the Psalms, so that the righteousness of reading it shield him to escape suffering and accidents, lo, this is permitted.15

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  1. Nice - what about for psychological problems? Are they soul or body?
    He says fear should not be treated with torah? So what if readin tehillim makes oen happy or calm?
    Or should we listen Beethoven or the Beatles?


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