Thursday, March 31, 2022

Cawthorn’s orgies-and-drugs comment stirs trouble within Freedom Caucus

Kevin McCarthy isn’t the only senior Republican who wants to have a talk with Rep. Madison Cawthorn about his claim that some of his colleagues invited him to orgies and used cocaine.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), who chairs the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus to which Cawthorn belongs, said he plans to speak to the North Carolina Republican one-on-one about the incendiary comment. Perry further indicated that Cawthorn should identify the individuals he alleges engaged in that behavior.


  1. Why is it when Hillary Clinton and he gang make up putrid accusations about Donald Trump and prostitutes in Russia all that happens the garbage it is repeated all around including this blog giving credence to tye Steele dossier, but a freshman congressman makes a wild statement on a podcast and he's smashed.

    Double standard, much?

  2. When are they going to call for a Congressional committee to investigate Rep. Madison Cawthorn's allegations?
    Will he be asked to name names and places?

  3. Apparently he was grilled privately by the Republican leadership and he fessed up it was something he concocted.

    I sometimes interact online and in conversations with some people who in general buy into wild statements presented as fact. I've come to understand that some of these people just can't be bothered to develop a consistent style of analyzing data and of testing their analyses against reality (reaslity, in any case, being something they have a weak grasp of.)

    It's not that they can't figure out what reality is or that that they lack analytical skills. In other parts of their lives they are quite good at living in reality and assessing situstions. It's just that they can't be bothered with thinking too much in the arenas where I encounter them.

    Their attitude is: why should I go to the effort of thinking analytically when it's so much easier to fantasize?

    Think of someone who wants to be thought of as a writer or a healer. They can practice writing and try to get better at it; they can work hard to learn what it takes to cure people of ailments and keep them healthy.

    Or they can slop some words down and string them together and publish their essays and they can make up a treatment (snake oil!) and proclaim its efficacy.

    Smart politicians know how to collect conspiracy theories and weave them into their policy in order to feed into the conspiracy and gain a loyal following. They exploit the lazy masses.

    And then the politicians get attacked for manipulating sectors of the electorate. But you know what? The politician who uses these dishonest tactics gets into, and stays in, power. While those who attack them just weary themselves all day protesting and complaining and living in their own make believe ecosystem where they think they are balancing matters and play an important role in a democratic society.

  4. Trump is unstable - which he has gotten away with in business because he has such a killer instinct. In the middle of what could be WW3, he is already betraying his own country and asking Putin for help in his deluded crusade aginst Hunter Biden and his lost election!

  5. Either he concocted.the original story for whatever reason. Or perhaps the story was actually true, and he realized that he spoke in haste, and that his life was now in danger because he might spill the beans on some very powerful people, so he walked back his story.


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