Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Occupation you like - only?

It seems from the following we are attracted to jobs we like and that is what you should do for earning a living. Does it mean we should only have an occupation we like? Does anyone else say such a thing?

Chovas HaLevavos (4:3) Similarly you will find among human beings character traits and body structures suited for certain businesses or activity. One who finds his nature and personality attracted to a certain occupation, and his body is suited for it, that he will be able to bear its demands - he should pursue it, and make it his means of earning a livelihood, and he should bear its pleasures and pains, and not be upset when sometimes his income is withheld, rather let him trust in G-d that He will support him all of his days. And he should have intention when his mind and body is occupied with one of the means of earning a living to fulfill the commandment of the Creator to pursue the means of the world, such as working the land, plowing and sowing it, as written "And G-d took the man and placed him in Gan Eden to work it and to guard it" (Bereishis 2:15), and also to use other living creatures for his benefit and sustenance, and for building cities and preparing food, and to marry a woman and have relations to populate the world.


  1. yes, Organizational psychologists say the same ,

    presumably YU ethos is also the same

  2. The key is attitude.
    Who is rich? One is happy with what he has.
    So any job that pays the bills is a potential candidate for being the right job.
    The other is something my Grade 7 teacher taught me - anyone can do well at something they like. The folks who prosper are the ones who do well at something they don't like but learn to.


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