Monday, January 3, 2022

Why does Austria think it is important to remove children from their mother?

 Perhaps the most bizarre and perverse aspect of the Schlessinger twins case is denying access of the mother to her children

Most would agree that children need both parents. 

It is only in extreme cases where the mother is a danger to them that she should be removed

In this case she initially had custody after the father attempted to fraudulently have his wife committed to a mental hospital, The court bizarrely then reversed this and gave sole custody to the father who used two  non-Jewish maids to raise them while he worked

The obvious approach if there had been psychological issues - and two psychological exams indicated there weren't - would be to have a psychologist mediate

In fact all evidence indicates problems with the father - who was never given a psychological exam - despite a history of abusive behavior and anger management issues 

This fits the pattern of parent alienation syndrome - where one parent alienates the children from the other parent. Again the preferred approach is psychological mediation - not blocking access to the children

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